History/Philosophy Department

Faculty and Staff - Spring 2016

Dr. Douglas Birsch
Ethics, Applied Ethics
Horton Hall 311
(717) 477-1734

Dr. John Bloom (Director of Graduate Studies / Graduate Internship Director)
American Culture, Pennsylvania and Public History
Wright Hall 335
(717) 477-1216


Steven Burg (Department Chair/Advisor to Public History Concentration)
Public History, Community History, Historic Preservation, 20th Century Social and Political Movements, U.S. Women's History, History of Disease and Public Health
Dauphin Humanities Center 124
(717) 477-1189

Catherine Clay

Dr. Catherine B. Clay
Russia and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Comparative History
Dauphin Humanities Center 203
(717) 477-1728

Dr. Betty Dessants
U.S. Foreign Relations, 20th-Century U.S., Teaching Methods
Dauphin Humanities Center 213
(717) 477-1263

Allen Dieterich-Ward

Dr. Allen Dieterich-Ward (Undergraduate Internship Director)
U.S. History, Environmental History and Public Policy
Dauphin Humanities Center 217
(717) 477-1192

Dr. James Edwards
History of Philosophy
Wright Hall 235
(717) 477-1002

Dr. David F. Godshalk
African American, Social, U.S. South
Wright Hall 336
(717) 477-1132

Justus Hartzok
Dr. Justus Hartzok
Russia, Soviet Union
Wright Hall 221
(717) 477-1249

Dr. Kim Klein (Honors Director)
Colonial America, Revolutionary America, Canada
President's Hall 006
(717) 477-3790

Dr. Chandrika Paul
South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Modern British History
Dauphin Humanities Center 209
(717) 477-1264

Dr. Pierce
Dr. Gretchen K. Pierce
Latin America, Mexico, Comparative Revolutions, Temperance, and Gender
Dauphin Humanities Center 214
(717) 477-1729

Dr. John Quist
19th-Century U.S, U.S. Civil War Era, U.S. South
Wright Hall 334
(717) 477-1690

Mrs. Janice Reed (Department Secretary)
Dauphin Humanities Center 122
(717) 477-1621

Christine Senecal

Dr. Christine Senecal
Ancient Rome, Byzantine Empire, Medieval Europe
Wright Hall 219
(717) 477-1262

Robert Shaffer

Dr. Robert Shaffer (Sabbatical Spring 2016)
U.S. Foreign Relations, U.S. Immigration and Ethnicity, 20th-Century U.S., Teaching Methods
Wright Hall 326
(717) 477-1180

Dr. skaff-j
Dr. Jonathan Skaff (International Studies Director)
(Sabbatical Spring 2016)
China, Japan, Inner Asia, Silk Road, Comparative Frontiers
Dauphin Humanities Center 215 / CUB 221B
(717) 477-1255 / (717) 477-1907

Dr. Mark Spicka
Modern Europe, Germany, World
Wright Hall 232
(717) 477-1009

Tulchin A

Dr. Allan Tulchin
Early Modern France, Religious and Social History
Wright Hall 223
(717) 477-1261

Dr. Ulrich(5)

Dr. Brian J. Ulrich
Middle Eastern and Islamic History, Comparative Empires
Dauphin Humanities Center 201
(717) 477-1736


Prof. Heather B. Wadas
Social and Cultural History
Wright Hall 333
(717) 477-3171 / (717) 477-1565

Professor David Weaver

David Weaver
20th Century U.S. Government, Military History
Horton Hall 330
(717) 477-1315

Department Fax #
(717) 477-4062
Center for Applied History Graduate Assistant
(717) 477-3165
Wright Hall 116

What's New?!

Welcome-Back Ice Cream Social

Thursday, September 15, 2016 DHC "Fishbowl"

Come join the department students, faculty, and graduate students for make-your-own ice cream sundaes from 3:15-3:45 pm.  Starting at 3:45 pm we will be having the 1st Annual Quad Disc-Golf & History Trivia Competition. It should be a great way to start off the fall semester and reconnect with your fellow department members.

Department Spring Newsletter is Now Available!

To view the Spring Newsletter for the History Department: Click Here!

Join us for the SU History Club meeting every Monday this Spring Semester

Location: Dauphin Humanities (DHC) 205

Time: 7:30pm 

For more information, contact History Club President: Tyler Newcomer Email: tn9044@ship.edu