Room/Roommate Selection

My Room Selection Information - This area describes in greater detail any future room lotteries listed on the Home/Overview Screen.

Roommate Selection
- Students can use our Facebook Appliction RoomSync to locate potential roommates. Passcodes are periodically emailed to students confirming housing.

Once they have identified a roommate students use this area to enter roommate requests in SUs MyHousing Portal. After the student has entered a roommate request the system will try to uniquely identify that person and tell the student if the matching roommate has also selected him/her. If the 1st roommate sees the 2nd roommate's name and a message "Does not Match" it means the 2nd roommate has not entered a preference for the 1st roommate. When the 2nd roommate picks the 1st roommate both students will see "Matches". First and last name are the only required fields. Students who have trouble locating a roommate can e-mail You only need to enter first and last name. If you cannot find the student try entering last name only. The requested student must also be a confirmed housing student.

Room Selection Lotteries - Returning students will be in other lotteries and select rooms prior to incoming students. New freshman and transfer students will be in several room lotteries. Details of each lottery are described in the MyHousing portal on the room selection tab. New suites can be chosen beginning April 1, 2015. First opportunity will be given to students with the correct number of matching roommates who can fill a suite/room. After students have had an opportunity to fill a suite the lottery will be open to any student to select a suite with or without matching roommates. Students who select during this period may get a random roommate. Rooms and roommates assigned by the Housing Office will be matched according to student preferences in the MyHousing Portal. The new student lottery starts based on the date the student confirmed housing. The lottery allows students to enter roommate preferences. Students may continue to enter preferences, but keep in mind the housing office may have already made the assignment when the preference was entered.

Students who do not choose a room will be assigned by the Housing Office. Students will be able to view the assignments on the MyHousing Overview screen online real time. Most assignments will be completed by July 1st.

New Students wishing to live with Returning Students - The returning student should contact the housing office by email at: when they select a room to hold the vacancy for the new student. After the new student confirms by signing the housing agreement and paying the $200 he/she should email the requesting the returning student and the room being held.