Quizzing Overview

Using D2L to administer quizzes allows for easy distribution and grading.

Instructors can create several types of quiz questions including:

  • long answer
  • fill in the blank
  • matching
  • multiple choice. 

Instructors can also customize quiz options to allow special access, permit multiple attempts, and create a report.

Although it may seem daunting at first, the steps involved with creating a quiz are all contained in a logical, step-by-step area of D2L.  This streamlines the process and makes creating quizzes a simple task.

Step 1: Create a Quiz

  • Create a quiz name
  • Decide whether to use a pre-existing grade assessment item or create a new one
  • Allow or disallow the attempt grade to be seen by the student
  • Create introductory and quiz description messages

Step 2: Set Quiz Restrictions

  • Set the quiz as active or inactive
  • Set the quiz availability time
  • Set the time allotment for quiz completion
  • Specify special access for students

Step 3: Set Quiz Attempts

  • Specify the number of times students can take the quiz
  • Specify the overall grade calculation

Step 4: Set the Submission View

  • Type a message students will see upon quiz completion
  • Specify whether students will see questions/answers answered correctly/incorrectly

Step 5: Create the Reports

  • Type a message students will see upon quiz completion
  • Specify what statistics students are allowed to view

Step 6: Creating Questions in the Question Library

  • Create sections in the Question Library for organizing questions
  • Create questions within the Question Library

Step 7: Add Questions to the Quiz

  • Import questions to the quiz
  • Specify the number of questions to be displayed on each page

Step 8: Finish the Quiz

  • Save the quiz
  • Preview the quiz