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Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School (GBLUES) and its Parent Teacher Organization take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who supports our mission each and every day. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, friend, or member of our extended University community, your contributions throughout the year help make incredible things happen. Research has shown that when parents and communities are involved in the classrooms of their children, students excel. We know this to be true at GBLUES, where together we all achieve uncommon outcomes.

As you explore the information below, you will notice that we have a large PTO committee that works hard throughout the year to make sure the teachers, administrators, and students at GBLUES have the support and resources they need to ensure safe, healthy, and inspiring learning opportunities. We couldn't offer all of the class field trips, family events and picnics, special programs, after school programs, camp programs, and more without your support. So if you have not already done so, please consider becoming a volunteer and member of our PTO and share your skills so that we can all continue to celebrate the wonderful place in which our children learn and grow!


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PTO Information

Interested in Volunteering at GBLUES?

Shippensburg Area School District (SASD) has implemented a volunteer policy that can be found on their website, www.shipk12.org that requires all volunteers who work in the school to follow the processes below:

Level 1 Volunteers:

1) Obtain a current ACT 34 PA State Police Criminal History Background Clearance. This has to be less than one year old. Click here for online information.

2) Obtain a current ACT 151 Child Abuse History Clearance. This also has to be less than one year old. Click here for online information.

3) Obtain a current FBI background check. This too has to be less than one year old. Click here for online information.

4) Obtain a Tuberculin Test. SASD will provide free testing. Please contact a school nurse for more information (Click here).

5) Fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire. (They can be found on the wall literature holder in GBLUES Lobby).

Level 2 Volunteers:

Level 2 volunteers are individuals that provide support for students UNDER THE DIRECT SUPERVISION of a professional staff member. Level 2 volunteers must be supervised by the classroom teacher or other professional staff while working with students.

If a volunteer has applied to work in this capacity, all Level 2 volunteers must complete the additional items below before they are allowed to volunteer in the school.

1) Obtain a Tuberculin Test. SASD will provide free testing. Please contact a school nurse for more information (Click here).

2) Fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire. (They can be found on the wall literature holder in GBLUES Lobby).

Once you are cleared to begin volunteering please provide copies of your clearances and follow the procedure as follows:

1) Make contact with GBLUES administrators or teachers to schedule service dates and times.

2) At the prescribed time, pick-up a parking pass at the main desk at GBLUES and park in the designated area.

3) All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the office, where additional directions will be given.

4) If you would like to order lunch (cost is $3.35) please notify school personnel before 9:00 a.m. or bring your own packed lunch if service extends through the lunch hour.

5) When in the building, please use the public restroom in the front lobby.

6) Please remember that all tobacco use is strictly prohibited in school buildings, on school grounds, in school vehicles, or when supervising students.

7) Please sign-out at the front desk when you complete your volunteer service. We appreciate and thank you for your service!

PTO Fund Raising Programs

In order to raise the dollars necessary for our school to be able to run field trips, run Camp GBLUES, and other programs throughout the year, we have to work hard to raise some funds to enable us to do so.

In addition to our planned event fund raisers like the spaghetti dinner and silent auction, several fund raisers we can all participate in every day include the Giant A+ rewards program as well as the standard "Box Tops" program. See below for more details on how you can help.

Giant A+ Rewards: Register your Giant Bonus Card to help the school raise funds. Ask everyone you know to register and you can help our school. Everytime you make a purchase using your Giant Bonus Card, the school will receive a percentage of what you spent. For more information on this program checkout the website www.GiantAplus.com. Please designate our school using the code is 00745. In past years, we have earned anywhere from $1500 up to $3000! Every dollar helps us so please ask everyone to help support our school!

Box Tops: As always, please continue to collect box tops throughout the year and summer and submit them to the main office. Box Tops are no longer just on prepared food products. Look for them on just about anything you buy. A valid Box Top will have it's value (usually 10 cents) printed on the label . For a complete list of all participating products log on to http://www.boxtops4education.com for more information. If you choose to join the Box Tops website you will receive periodic emails (about once a month) with recipes and coupons. In addition, the school will receive an additional donation from Box Tops so if you are willing we would appreciate the support.


2015-2016 PTO Executive Committee

Director: Mr. Steven Smith

Administrative Assistant: Lisa Cline

PTO President: Stevie Tsambiras

PTO Vice President: Beth McBroom

PTO Treasurer: Amanda Kirkpatrick

PTO Secretary: Mary Burnett

Tutoring - Math: Lance and Sarah Bryant; Amanda Kirkpatrick; Mary Jane Taylor; Erika Kyle

Tutoring - Reading: Lorie Howland; Cindy Pimental; Mary Jane Taylor; Lisa Turchi; Shannon Heckman

PTO Teacher Representative: Mrs. Serr

Hospitality:Lyman's (First Friday Coffee) & Kathryn Brooks (PTO Meetings)

Fall Festival: Andrea Katz (Food); Beth McBroom; Stevie Tsambiras, Kelly, Luhrs, Valerie Goates; Heidi Miller & Shannon Heckman (Activities)

Holiday Store: Marcie Taylor and Holly Burns

Teacher Appreciation:Heather Wadas

Camp GBLUES Coordinators:

Tim & Irene Hawkins (Camp Coordination/Activities)

Andrea Katz (Camp Food)

Race for Education: Amanda Kirkpatrick

Plant Sale: Carolyn Callaghan

5th Grade Graduation: Petra Reuter and Jennifer Clough

End of Year Picnic: Marcie Taylor and Tricia Blount


Box Tops: Alix Rouby

Giant A+ Rewards: Alix Rouby

Playground: Sean Cornell and Lisa Turchi

Yearbook: Rhonda Dyson

Spirit Gear: Neysa Thomas

Chess Club: Dave Kennedy

Theatre Club: Paul & Gretchen Leitner

Garden Club: Alix Rouby and Norma Hosopple

Publicity: Heather Wadas

Classroom Representatives:

Kindergarten: Jill Galluzzo

1st Grade: Holly Burns

2nd Grade: Tricia Maciejewski

3rd Grade: Erika Kyle

4th Grade: Diane Podolinsky

5th Grade: Shannon Rudy