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2011 Summer Course Schedule - May 16 - August 12


Session I
May 16 - June 3
Individual Course Dates Vary

Course University Course Number Professor
Natural History of the Mid-Atlantic Shore
(5/23 - 5/27 MSC)
Millersville University BIOL 390 Dr. Jean Boal
Marine Biology Slippery Rock University MS 241 Dr. Simon Beeching
Marine Invertebrates Kutztown University BIO/MAR 260
(MS 221)
Dr. Nancy Butler
Introduction to GIS
(5/30 - 6/3 MSC)
East Stroudsburg University GEOG 341
(MS 491)
Dr.Sean Hu
Coral Reef Ecology
(5/16 - 5/20 MSC, 5/21-6/3 in Honduras)
East Stroudsburg University BIOM 472
(MS 491)
Dr. Jay Hunt
Seascapes East Stroudsburg University    


Session II
June 5 - June 24

Course University Course Number Professor
Field Methods in Oceanography Millersville University ESCI 267
(MS 211)
Dr. Ajoy Kumar
Marine Ecology East Stroudsburg University BIOM 460
Dr. Jay Hunt
Marine Ichtyology
(Ichthyology at LHU)
Lock Haven University BIOL 305
(MS 343)
Dr. Ken Thompson
Coastal Ornithology Shippensburg University BIO 311 Dr. Thomas


Session III
(June 27 - July 15)
Course University Course Number Professsor
Coastal Environmental Oceanography
(1.5 weeks on the road)
Shippensburg University ES 490
(MS 451)
Dr. Sean Cornell
Marine Ichthyology
(Shortened, 7/4 - 7/15)
Millersville Univeristy BIOL 396
(MS 343)
Dr. Dominique Dagit
Marine Mammals
(4 days on the road)
Kutztown University BIOL 340/341
(MS 492)
Dr. Wendy Ryan
Introduction to Ecology
(6/27 - 7/22, Paired Courses Eligible
for SU Summer Jump Start)
Shippensburg University BIO 142
(MS 120)
Dr. Pablo Delis
Introduction to Literature
(6/27 - 7/22, Paired Courses Eligible
for SU Summer Jump Start)
Shippensburg University ENG 250 Dr. Laurie Cella
The Coastal Environment
(7/10 - 7/17 at MSC)
Millersville University   Dr. Ajoy Kumar
Coastal Field Studies for Teachers
(6/26 - 7/2 at MSC)
Bloomsburg University 60.460/60.560 Dr. Ray Pastore


Session IV
(July 18 - August 5)
Course University Course Number Professor
Marine Molecular Biology East Stroudsburg University BIOL 411 (undergrad)
BIOL 516 (grad)
Dr. Kitchenz-Kintz
Biological Oceanography Millersville University BIOL 495/ESCI 456
(MS 464)
Dr. Julie Ambler
Marine Ecology Bloomsburg University 55.260
(MS 325)
Dr. John Hranitz
Marine Geology Kutztown University MAR/GEL 366 & 357
(MS 362)
Dr. Adirenne Oakley


Please note that four of the courses above are taught by Shippensburg Faculty and are listed on the Shippensburg University Registration System that will be available on or after March 1, 2011.  If you would like to take a course not taught by Shippensburg Faculty, you may still receive credit for the course, you just need to register for that course through the University who is teaching that class (see registration information).


Summer Classes at the Beach! Registration is open during your course registration window! 

 If you are interested in taking a summer course at Wallops Island, please contact the course instructor or Dr. Thomas or Dr. Cornell (see below for contact info).

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Contact Information

Dr. Sean Cornell, Marine Science Consortium Coordinator
Department of Geography and Earth Science
Shearer Hall - Room 103
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA, 17257
Telephone: 717-477-1310
Dr. Nathan Thomas, Marine Science Consortium Coordinator
Department of Biology
Franklin Science Center - Room 232
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA, 17257
Telephone: 717-477-1742