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Fall 2011

  • Professors Debbie Gochenaur, Tom Evitts, Dave Kennedy, Mike Long, and Ben Galluzzo; students Benjamin Robinson, Johnathan Hocker, Ryan Kelley, and Grant Innerstand alum Mike Laddick attended the 60th Annual Conference of the PA Council of Teachers of Mathematics (PCTM) in State College, PA on November 9-11. At this conference... 
    • Dr. Gochenaur presented, "High Impact Techniques - Making Connections," with Kelly Kozain of Northern York High School. She also attended board meetings for PA Council of Teachers of Mathematics (PCTM),  PA Council of Leaders of Mathematics (PCLM), and PA Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (PAMTE). In addition, she is a representative for PCLM and the secretary for PAMTE.
    • Dr. Evitts presented "Sharing your Ideas in Print," with Lynn Breyfogle of Bucknell and Dave Kennedy; and also presented, "Mathematics Homework for the 21st Century." He attended board meetings for PCTM as the yearbook co-editor and PCLM as a member-at-large. 
    • Dr. Long presented "Math + Adrenaline = The Roller Coaster," with student Nathan Barr. He also presented, "Great Problems with Many Spokes," with student Benjamin Robinson and, "Great Patterns in Great Structure," with student Johnathan Hocker. He chaired both the Pre-Service Teacher Program and the Commercial Exhibit Hall, attended the PCTM board meeting as president-elect, and, last but not least, he was presented with the PCTM Distinguished Service Award.
    • Dr. Galluzzo presented, "Math Modeling Across the Curriculum," to the PA Council of Leaders of Mathematics; presented, "PA divided by 18," with student Johnathan Hocker; and presented a mini course, "Math Modeling Across the Curriculum."
    • Johnathan Hocker presented the poster, "PA divided by 18," at the student poster showcase (mentor Dr. Galluzzo). He also presented, "Great Patterns in Great Structure," with Dr. Long and, "PA divided by 18," with Dr. Galluzzo.  
    • Ryan Kelley presented the poster, "Gerrymander This," at the student poster showcase (mentor Dr. Galluzzo).
    • Grant Innerst presented the poster, "Roller Coaster Efficiency," at the student poster showcase (mentor Dr. Long).
    • Nathan Barr presented, "Math + Adrenaline = The Roller Coaster," with Dr. Long. 
    • Benjamin Robinson presented, "Great Patterns in Great Structure," with Dr. Long. 
    • Mike Laddick presented, "Alternative Education: Helping Inner City Students with Real World Projects."
  • Professor Kate McGivney is the principal investigator for the PA STEM University Partnership for the Advancement of Acamdemic Women (PA STEMUP) program. The National Science Foundation has awarded Shippensburg University, in cooperation with Elizabethtown College, Harrisbug University of Science and Technology (HU), and the Innovation Transfer Network (ITN), a $749,506 grant to promote the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women academics in STEM disciplines. Other SU faculty involved in the project are Dr. Alice Armstrong, assistant professor of computer science and Dr. Robin McCann, associate professor of chemistry.
  • Professor James Hamblin presented a workshop entitled, "Mathematics Program Assessment," at the MAA Allegheny Section NExT meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on September 17, 2011. 
  • Professors Mike Long, Ben Galluzzo, and students Nathan Barr and Johnathan Hocker attended the NCTM Meeting in Atlantic City, NJ. At this conference... 
    • Dr. Long served on the Program Committee (one of six nationwide) for the NCTM Meeting in Atlantic City NJ and also did a presentation on teaching mathematics entitled "Math + Adrenaline = The Roller Coaster" with student Nathan Barr from Exercise Science on October 21, 2011. 
    • Dr. Galluzzo presented Math Modeling Across the Curriculum with student Johnathan Hocker at the NCTM Meeting in Atlantic City NJ on October 21, 2011. 
  • Professor Luis Melara has joined the Editorial Board of SIAM Undergraduate Research Online, which publishes outstanding undergraduate research in applied and computational mathematics. His three-year term will begin on January 1, 2012.


 Summer 2011

  •  Professors Doug Ensley, Ben Galluzzo, and Marc Renault attended MathFest in Lexington, Ky. At this conference...
    • Dr. Ensley organized a Panel Session on Issues for Early-Career Mathematicians in Academia and led an Undergraduate Student Activity on Unshuffling for the Imperfect Mathemagician. 
    • Dr. Galluzzo presented the paper,  "Ladders Don't Slide," as part of the Contributed Paper Session on Quantitative Reasoning and Literacy: Pedagogical Strategies.
    • Dr. Renault presented the paper, "Describing all Fibonacci Sequences, Modulo m," as part of the Contributed Paper Session on Recreational Mathematics: New Problems and New Solutions. 
  • Professors Lance Bryant, James Hamblin, and Lenny Jones have had the paper, "A Variation on the Money-Changing Problem," accepted for publication in the journal, American Mathematical Monthly.
  • Professor Luis Melara presented the paper, "Optimal Control of Cone Survival Using RdCVF Therapy," at the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2011 Meeting on July 19th.
  • Professor Luis Melara will be a faculty participant in the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI) at Arizona State University (ASU) from June 13-August 3, 2011. He will be working with undergraduate & graduate students, and faculty on mathematical problems with applications to the biological sciences. He will also be presenting a lecture on the current research he is collaborating with faculty at ASU and The University of Texas - Pan American at the institute on June 24, 2011. 
  • Professor Ben Galluzzo has been selected to be a panelist to review grant proposal for the National Science Foundation's Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM program.
  • Professor Lance Bryant has been selected to participate in the 2011 Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI). This outreach program of Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study brings together research mathematicians, undergraduate and graduate students, undergraduate college faculty and high school teachers for a three-week summer school at Park City, Utah. This year's PCMI topic is "Moduli Spaces of Riemann Surfaces" and the Undergraduate Faculty Program lecturer is Erica Flapan (Pomona College) who will run a seminar on "Elementary Topology in the Undergraduate Curriculum."   

Spring 2011

  • Professor Luis Melara was awarded a grant for $20,808 from the National Security Agency to run the annual SIAM/MAA Mid-Atlantic Student Conference on Applied Mathematics to be held at Shippensburg University in 2012 and 2013. Shippensburg University hosted the Second Annual Meeting this past spring 2011.  This conference will be co-organized with Student Chapters of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) from George Mason University, University of Delaware, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, Penn State University and University of Pittsburgh.
  •  Mathematics Students Samantha Feaster, John Hocker, Joshua Ide, Joshua Jenkins, Ryan Kelly, Ryan Long, Rebecca Rotz and Daniel White participated in the 2011 SU Celebration of Student Research with the following projects:
    • Sami Feaster, John Hocker, and Ryan Long presented the poster, "PA/18 = ?" (Advised by Professor Doug Ensley) 
    • Josh Ide presented the poster, "An Extension of the Google PageRank Algorithm to College Football Rankings" (Advised by Professor Ben Galluzzo) 
    • Josh Jenkins and Ryan Kelly presented the poster, "Gerrymander This!" (Advised by Professor Ben Galluzzo) 
    • Ryan Long presented the poster, "Decomposition of Platonic Solids" (Advised by Professor Mike Long)
    • Rebecca Rotz (Mathematics/Economics double major) received honorable mention in the 2011 Library Award for her project, “Retirement: When Will I Be Ready?” (Advised by Economics Professor Freddy Siahaan)
    • Dan White contributed the presentation, "Appending Digits to Generate an Infinite Sequence of Composite Numbers" (Advised by Professor Lenny Jones) as well as the poster, "Primitive Pythagorean Triples and the Polygonal Numbers" (Advised by Professor Mike Long
  • Professor Luis Melara served as principle organizer for the Second Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Student Conference on Applied Mathematics at Shippensburg University. The conference included 49 participants from 10 colleges and universities (University of Maryland, Baltimore County, University of Pittsburgh, University of Delaware, Penn State University, Susquehanna University, Kutztown University, George Mason University, Penn State University Mont Alto, La Roche College, and Shippensburg University) as well as IBM and the National Security Agency.   In addition to student paper presentations and a plenary lecture, there were two panel sessions, one focused on finding an academic job and the second on the COMAP Math Modeling Contest.
  • Professor Marc Renault served as principle organizer for the 14th annual SU Student Mathematics Conference, which featured keynote speaker Richard Forrester (Dickinson College) and eight student talks, including ones by SU students John Hocker, Josh Ide, Ryan Long, AJ Smith, Dan White, and Stephanie Yingling.
  • Professors Debbie Gochenaur and Mike Long traveled to Indianapolis for the annual conference of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. At this conference, Dr. Long presented the session, "Extra Credit in Mathematics: Privilege or Expectation," (with SU Teacher Education professor Christine Royce), and Dr. Gochenaur presented the session, "High Impact Techniques for Helping Students Overcome Math Learning Deficits."
  • Professor Doug Ensley gave plenary lectures at three separate regional meetings of the Mathematical Association of America, including the Ohio Section meeting at Youngstown State University, the Southeast Section meeting at the University of Alabama, and the North Central Section meeting at Carleton College.
  • Professor James Hamblin has had the paper, "Solvable groups satisfying the two-prime hypothesis II" (coauthored with Mark L. Lewis)  accepted for publication in the journal, Algebras and Representation Theory.
  • Professors Tom Evitts and Dave Kennedy attended the annual meeting of the West Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, March 2011 in Flatwoods, WV. At this conference, Dr. Evitts made a presentation entitled, "Seven Formative Assessment Strategies that Facilitate Student Learning," and Dr. Kennedy presented, "Lotteries and Birthdays Using a Graphing Calculator."
  • Professor James Hamblin recently sat on the proposal review panel for the Mathematical Association of America's Dolciani Math Enrichment Grants.
  • Professor Luis Melara was awarded a Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conference grant from the National Science Foundation and Mathematical Association of America (MAA) to run the annual SIAM/MAA Mid-Atlantic Student Conference on Applied Mathematics to be held at Shippensburg University on Saturday, April 16th. The conference is co-organized with Student Chapters of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) from George Mason University, University of Delaware, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, and University of Pittsburgh. 
  • Professors Lance Bryant, Ji Young Choi, Doug Ensley, Ben Galluzzo, James Hamblin, Lenny Jones, Mike Long, Kate McGivney, Luis Melara, Kim Presser, and mathematics students James Hickman and Dan White attended the Joint Mathematics Meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in New Orleans, LA. At this conference...
    • Dr. Bryant presented the paper, "Unique Maximal-Length Factorizations in Numerical Semigroups," as part of the AMS Session on Commutative Rings and Fields.
    • Dr. Choi presented the paper, "Minimal Pk-total weight graphs," as part of the AMS Session on Combinatorics and Graph Theory.
    • Dr. Galluzzo presented the paper,  "Disaster Modeling - Beyond the Numbers," as part of the MAA Session on Innovations in Service-Learning at All Levels.
    • Dr. Hamblin presented the paper, "Doing It Yourself: Writing Your Own Textbook," as part of the MAA General Contributed Paper Session. 
    • James Hickman presented the paper, "Finite Difference Methods for Solving the Coupled Non-Linear Euler-Bernoulli Beam Equations, with applications to modeling the wing of a Micro Air Vehicle," as part of the AMS Session on Partial Differential Equations. 
    • Dr. Jones presented the paper, "Appending Digits to Generate an Infinite Sequence of Composite Numbers, I" as part of the AMS Session on Number Theory.
    • Dr. Long presented the paper, "Platonic Solid Patterns and Numbers," as part of the MAA General Contributed Paper Session, as well as the paper, "A Hands-On Approach to Calculus," as part of the MAA Session on Cool Calculus.
    • Dr. McGivney presented the paper, "A History of Math Seminar Course for Future Teachers," as part of the MAA General Contributed Paper Session.
    • Dr. Melara presented the paper, "An Optimal Control Mathematical Model for Photoreceptor Interactions," as part of the AMS Session on Mathematical Biology and Ecology.
    • Dr. Presser co-organized (with SU Professor Winston Crawley) the MAA Session on Developmental Mathematics Education: Helping Under-Prepared Students Transition to College-Level Mathematics, and she presented the paper, "Tracking and Ability Grouping: Alternative strategies for serving a growing population of students needing developmental mathematics education" in this same session.
    • Dan White presented the paper, "Appending Digits to Generate an Infinite Sequence of Composite Numbers, II" as part of the AMS Session on Number Theory.