Welcome to Media Services!


Media Services mission is to provide faculty, students, and administration with an effective and efficient source of classroom media equipment, media software generation, media planning and procurement, distance learning, and teleconferencing. Media Services is an academic support office, part of the Division of Instructional Technologies and Services, reporting through the Dean of Library and Media Services. Personnel include one full-time faculty member, two full-time staff members, one part-time staff member and a pool of graduate and undergraduate students.



Audio-Visual  Grove Hall 008 - x1646 
Video, Graphics, Photo  Grove Hall 008 - x1647  
Distance Education Room  Grove Hall 006 - x1659  
Television Studio  Grove Hall 004 



  • Michael Yoh
    Director - x1647
  • Scott Donald
    IT Generalist - x3894
  • Dan Rebert
    IT Generalist - x3499 or 1647
  • Matthew Humphrey
    Video Conferencing Graduate Assistant  
  • Jonathan Horensky
    Video Conferencing Graduate Assistant

Student Workers

  •  Videoconferencing GA's : Matthew Humphrey & Caitlyn Findley
  •  Undergraduate Students: Rita Benfer, Chris Windbeck, Maddie Scarr, Nate Davis, Kelsi Knarr, Harley Weigle, Steve Torres,and Olivia Fisher