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It is now possible to get certified in German provided that another language major is also chosen. Students interested will have to pass the Praxis in German and take all the pertinent courses in Education.

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Dr. Rob Lesman, Acting Chair

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5thBiennial Modern Languages Conference


RLH -- Rowland Hall
SRH --Shearer Hall

Photo Exhibit by Dr. Kim Garris, 12:30-3:00 p.m. RLH 200

The photos were taken by Dr. Garris (Communication/Journalism, Shippensburg University) in Haiti in January 2014.  The photos are on sale for $20.00.  All proceeds to go to the Infirmary Renovation Project of the Shippensburg Friends of Gros Mangles.

8:30-9:30 a.m.

  1. City of Love, Lights, Violence and Terror: Paris, a Multifaceted City—RLH 100
    Chair: Dr. Blandine Mitaut 
    Felicia Franklin (Shippensburg University): “Le maintien de l'ordre de la langue française: l'art de traduire un document juridique haïtien en anglais ”. ff7374@ship.edu  

    Andrew Hutchinson (Shippensburg University): “La Goutte d’Or, ce Paris aux multiples visages” ah4096@ship.edu

    Bryant Snyder (Shippensburg University): “Immigration et répression en France : La Seine était rouge de Leila Sebbar et LaHaine de Mathieu Kassovitz comme témoignages de l’indicible”. bs0339@ship.edu

    Dustin Zeliff (Shippensburg University): "L'impact des révoltes parisiennes sur la transformation de la capitale française sous Haussmann". dz0844@ship.edu

  2. Asuntos Contemporáneos: Educación e Inmigración --RLH 106
    Chair: Dr. Robert Lesman

    Emily Howell (Shippensburg University): “Programas de lenguas en escuelas primarias”.  eh8321@ship.edu

    María Acevedo (Shippensburg University University): “Las aportaciones de los inmigrantes mexicanos indocumentados a la agricultura de los Estados Unidos”.  ma9451@ship.edu

    Karen Hoch (Shippensburg University): “El derecho a la educación en casa”.  kh2097@ship.edu

  3. German Students Panel--RLH 101
    Chair: Dr. David Wildermuth

    Matt Hoffman (Shippensburg University): “Der Vernichtungskrieg im Osten (1941-1945) und der Suchdienst des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes: Heimkehrer, Verschollene, und deutsche Identität.” mh9373@ship.edu

    Ashley Seyler (Shippensburg University): “Ehe in Kinder- und Hausmärchen.” as0005@ship.edu

  4. Tips and Wisdom in Developing Your Own Learner’s Model in Chinese Learning—RLH 209
    Chair: Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy

    Reginald Hefner (Shippensburg University): “How hard is Chinese pronunciation? Personal Reflection on Mastering Chinese Pronunciation” rh5810@ship.edu

    Vincent Rink (Shippensburg University): “Use Rhymic Rap to Conquer Chinese Tones”  vr6191@ship.edu

    Kevin Walters (Shippensburg University): “Strategies of Learning Chinese Characters through Writing for a Beginner”  kw0040@ship.edu

    James Barciz (Shippensburg University): “Where is Melody in Chinese? Some thoughts from a Music Major” jb8268@ship.edu

    David Craig (Shippensburg University): “Study Abroad Assisting Chinese Cultural Immersion and Language Mastery”  dc6300@ship.edu

    9:45-11:00 a.m.

  5. La langue au pouvoir --RLH 100
    Chair: Dr. Blandine Mitaut

    Dr. Sandrine Siméon (Susquehana University): “Plaire pour instruire et instruire pour plaire? Un texte et son contexte: le ‘film-théâtre’ revisite Phèdre de Racine”.  simeon@susqu.edu

    Pr. Sylvia Grove (University of Pittsburgh): “‘Car tous ont péché’: L'éthnographie calviniste de l'égalité de Histoire d’un voyage en la terre du Brésil de Jean de Léry”.  smg104@pitt.edu

    Pr. Paulina Tomkowicz (University of Pittsburgh): “La traduction des énergies dans Défense et illustration de la langue française”.  pat35@pitt.edu

  6. Amores, Engaños y Decepciones--RLH 106
    Chair: Dr. Blas Hernández

    Pr. Joshua Deckman (Pennsylvania State University): “Erotismo y cuerpo femeninos como discursos de liberación nacional en la poesía de Gioconda Belli”.  joshrdeckman@gmail.com

    Dr. Damarys López (Lock Haven University): “¿Y ahora qué?: Los protagonistas de Nunca pasa nada y La invención del amor de José Ovejero ante las situaciones de crisis vital”.  dlopez@lhup.edu

    Dr. Blas Hernández (Radford University): “The Paratext: The Case of Bolaño’s La pista de hielo”.  bhernandez@radford.edu

  7. German Texts and Contexts: Intersections of Literature, Place and Time—RLH 101 
    Chair: Dr. David Wildermuth

    Dr. Donald R. Sunnen (Virginia Military Institute): “Sebastian Haffner and Ernst von Salomon:  Prussian Childhood, Weimar Adolescence and Coming of Age under National Socialism” . sunnendr@vmi.edu 

    Dr. Robert Goebel (JMU): “Powerful Women in Strange Places”. goebelro@jmu.edu  

    Dr. Peter Beicken (University of Maryland, College Park): “Paul Celan Revisited: Intersections of Biography and Poetry”. beic@umd.edu

  8. Competencies of Interculturality: Perception and Communication among Americans of Chinese Ancestry and Origin--RLH 209 
    Chair: Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy

    Dr. Hong Wang (Shippensburg University): “Current Asian-American Communication Status and Outlook” HoWang@ship.edu

    Dr. Han Liu (Shippensburg University): “Global Citizenship Education in the Setting of the United States” hliu@ship.edu

    Dr. Ying Yang (Shippensburg University): “Race, Ethnic, and Gender Identity and Their Wealth Accumulation & Access to Other Opportunities” yyang@ship.edu

    Dr.  Xinan Lu (Shippensburg University): “An Analysis of Differences between Chinese and American Cultures using Hall and Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions.”   xalu@ship.edu

  9. Socio-Cultural Issues around the World—SRH 109
    Chair: Dr. Agnès Ragone

    Dr. María de la Luz Matus-Mendoza (Drexel University): “The Power(less) of the Word: A Critical Discourse Analysis to Questions on Discrimination”.  mm349@drexel.edu

    Pr. Razak Abedalla (Slippery Rock University) and Dr. Robert Skovira (Robert Morris University): “A Search for Meanings of Sub-Cultures : An Ethnography of Arab Tribal Cultural Matrices”. razak.abedalla@gmail.com and skovira@rmu.edu

    Dr. Florence Jurney, Gina Abraham, Joshua Griffiths and Alyssa McNeil (Gettysburg College): “Step Activities as a Way to Debunk Cultural Stereotypes and Reinforce Grammar Structures". fjurney@gettysburg.edu

    KEYNOTE SPEAKER 11:15-12:30 RLH 200:

    Dr. Scott McGinnis, Defense Language Institute, Washington D.C.

    Lunch break 12:30-1:45  RLH 200

    2:00-3:15 p.m.

  10. Reprendre l’Histoire à travers la littérature, voix des contre-pouvoirs—RLH 100
    Chair: Dr. Blandine Mitaut

    Dr. Benjamin Ngong (Dickinson College): “Le Quatrième siècle: le péché original, Édouard Glissant et la mémoire de l’esclavagisme”.  ngongb@dickinson.edu

    Dr. Pascale Dewey (Kutztown University): “Relations de pouvoir dans La Maison Tresler (1984) de Madeleine Ouelette-Michalska”. dewey@kutztown.edu

    Dr. Jean-Claude Vuillemin (Pennsylvania State University): “Textes et hors-textes: Michel Foucault et l’herméneutique du sujet”.  jcvuillemin@psu.edu

  11. Crimea between Russia and Ukraine—RLH 106
    Chair: Dr. Katherine Clay

    Panelists (Shippensburg University):  Jake Davidson(jd6718@ship.edu); Andrew McGinnis (am2463@ship.edu); Patrick McGowan (pm8099@ship.edu); Tim Rockwood (tr2013@ship.edu); Pyotr Ziemkiewicz(pz3841@ship.edu)

  12. Language acquisitionRLH 209
    Chair: Dr. Agnès Ragone

    Dr. Katherine M. Kulick (College of William and Mary): “Experience the World from a New Perspective : TEFL Opportunities for Undergraduates (and Students about to Graduate)”. kmkuli@wm.edu

    Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy (Shippensburg University): “Socio-Cultural Theory: Evaluating Current Chinese Pedagogy at Shippensburg University” JYPomeroy@ship.edu

    Dr. Lucía Osa-Melero: “Impact of inductive teaching on the learning of Spanish pronouns in advanced grammar and composition courses”.  osamelerol@duq.edu 

  13. The Power to Create Alternate Histories: Contemporary Portrayals of a Damning Legacy—RLH 101

    Chair: Dr. David Wildermuth

    Dr. Michael Hutchins (Indiana University Southeast): "Er ist wieder immer noch da: A Humorous Hitler and Changing German Identities". mdhutchi@ius.edu   

    Dr. Leo Gruber (Edinboro University): “Resistance in the Holocaust: A Few Essential Films for the Classroom”. LGRUBER@edinboro.edu   

    Dr. David Wildermuth (Shippensburg University): "Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter: War, Genocide and ‘Condensed Reality’".  DWWildermuth@ship.edu

  14. Cuba and Other Lost Edens—SRH 107
    Chair Dr. Lesman

    Dr. Joan Marx (Muhlenberg College): "There’s No Place Like Home: Exploring the Jewish Diaspora in Ruth Behar’s Una isla llamada hogar".  marx@muhlenberg.edu

    Dr. Patricia Reagan (Randolph-Macon College): "All Hell Breaks Loose : Paradise Lost in Latin American Fiction in the Boom and Beyond". PatriciaReagan@rmc.edu

    Dr. Denis Berenschot (Shepherd University): "El panorama en transición del teatro cubano contemporáneo y su relación con los focos de la cultura y del poder".  dberensc@shepherd.edu

    Dr. Robert Lesman (Shippensburg University): "Rondas virtuales: Resurrecting the cosmopolis in La Habana Elegante".   rslesman@ship.edu

    3:30-4:45 p.m.

  15. Poder de la Palabra--SRH 107
    Chair: Dr. Robert Lesman

    Dr. Nilsa Lasso-von Lang (Moravian College): “Corpus Christi en la Villa de los Santos: Encolpium sagrado, cultural y popular”.  lasso-vonlangn@moravian.edu

    Dr. Marjorie Zambrano-Paff (Indiana University of Pennsylvania): “‘Laughing with’ or ‘Laughing at’ ?  La construcción de una imagen cortés o descortés del juez a través de la interpretación del humor y sarcasmo en la corte de inmigración de los Estados Unidos”. marjorie.zambrano-paff@iup.edu

    Dr. Susana Maiztegui (East Stroudsburg University): “Sin Nombre, metáfora de la política estadounidense en América Latina”.   maiztegui@po-box.esu.edu.edu

    Dr. Carolina Bown (Salisbury University): “El Surgimiento de Nuevos Contextos Culturales y Lingüísticos en los Cursos para Hispanohablantes: Desafíos y Oportunidades”.  CDBOWN@salisbury.edu

  16. Understanding Each Other Better: Franco-American Relations--RLH 101
    Chair : Dr. Blandine Mitaut

    Katie Benedict (Shippensburg University):“A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Nineteenth Century Feminist Literary Figures: Georges Sand and Kate Chopin”. kb5333@ship.edu

    Amanda Sanger (Shippensburg University): “Restricting Creativity in France and America: A Comparative Study of Censorship since the Enlightenment”. as3713@ship.edu

    Grant Innerst (Shippensburg University): “How Much is 1+1 in French? A Cross-Cultural Study of French and American Approaches for the Pedagogy of Mathematics”. gi7584@ship.edu

    Mary Grace Keller (Shippensburg University): “Power in Print: A Comparison Between French and American Standards for Journalistic Excellence”. mk3520@ship.edu

    Tatyana Thomas (Shippensburg University): “The Chalet, Architectural Ideal of 18th-Century Thinkers: A Comparative Study of the Development of Chalets in the United States and in France and Their Relationship to the Enlightenment”. tt3118@ship.edu

  17. Women, Language and Revolution—RLH 106
    Chair: Dr. Catherine Clay

    Dr. Hartzok Justus (Shippensburg University): “Celebrating Soviet Women as Warriors of Revolution: Gender Roles, Commemoration, and the Language of Heroism in the 1930's”.  jghartzok@ship.edu  

    Dr. Catherine Clay (Shippensburg University): “Revolution and Natural History: Bees in Alexandra Kollontai’s Revolutionary Lexicon”.  cbclay@ship.edu

  18. Language in Social Development—SRH 109
    Chair: Dr. Marita Flagler

    Dr. Dorlisa Minnick (Shippensburg University): “Power of Language and Culture in Maya Community Intervention”.  DJMinnick@ship.edu  

    Dr. Michael Lyman (Shippensburg University): “Language as Oppression in South African Social Work Practice and Education Context”.  MJLyma@ship.edu  

    Dr. Marita Flagler (Shippensburg University): “Lost in Translation: The Importance of Speaking the Local Language in International Development”.  MNFlagler@ship.edu

  19. Haiti:  A Lack of Power—RLH 100
    Chair: Dr. Agnès Ragone

    Dr. Kim Garris, Allison Hill (Shippensburg University): “No Power: The Difficulties of Reporting in Rural Haiti” KDGarr@ship.edu and ah8983@ship.edu

    Sarah Raudabaugh (Shippensburg University): “Resources and Conservation in Haiti” sr8618@ship.edu

    Andrew Hutchinson (Shippensburg University): “Foreign Influence on the Educational System in Haiti” ah4096@ship.edu


    Shippen Place Hotel-University Grill: 6 P.M.