Beginning Fall 2013, students wishing to participate in any ensemble, will register during their registration time.
Whether there are auditions or not, students will now register for the ensemble in the prior semester or summer.

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Music & Theater Arts
Performing Arts Center 220

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Contact Us

Karen Reath - Department Secretary
Office:  Performing Arts Center 220
Phone:  717-477-1638
Fax:  717-477-4033
Email:  ksreat@ship.edu

Fred Dade - Assistant Professor
Office:  Performing Arts Center 223
Phone:  717-477-1643
Fax:  717-477-4033
Email:  fsdade@ship.edu

Trever Famulare - Assistant Professor and Chair
Office:  Performing Arts Center 222
Phone:  717-477-1238
Fax:  717-477-4033
Email:  trfamu@ship.edu

Dr. Mark Hartman - Assistant Professor
Office: Performing Arts Center 240
Phone: 717-477-1682
Fax: 717-477-4033
Email: mlhartman@ship.edu

Paul Leitner - Professor
Office : Performing Arts Center 238
Phone: 717-477-1617
Fax: 717-477-4033
Email: peleit@ship.edu

Dr. Margaret Lucia - Associate Professor
Office:  Performing Arts Center 236
Phone:  717-477-1527
Fax:  717-477-4033
Email:  meluci@ship.edu

Paris Peet - Professor
Office:  Performing Arts Center 237
Phone:  717-477-1644
Fax:  717-477-4033
Email:  papeet@ship.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Shoenfelt - Assistant Professor
Office:  Performing Arts Center 221
Phone:  717-477-1760
Fax:  717-477-4033
Email:  EJShoenfelt@ship.edu

Dr. Blaine Shover - Professor
Office:  Performing Arts Center 239
Phone:  717-477-1779
Fax:  717-477-4033
Email:  bfshov@ship.edu