Woodwind Ensemble

CRN# 65780
Woodwind Ensemble Rehearsals: W = 6:30-8:30 p.m. - Rehearsal for each choir will be scheduled within this time frame (Clarinet Choir, Flute Choir, Saxophone Choir)

Woodwind Ensembles are open to any student. Each semester chamber ensembles are formed to meet the interests of the program’s participants, and they perform a wide variety of music styles. Large groups, such as the flute, clarinet and saxophone choirs, are rehearsed and conducted by the faculty director. Smaller ensembles rehearse on their own with occasional faculty coaching. The ensembles perform full-length recitals both on and off campus.


No audition required, pending experience

  • Returning students register at their designated time in the spring semester
  • Incoming Freshman/Transfers: Register during summer orientation

Ms. Suzanne Thiery, Flute Choir
(717) 477-1638

Clarinet & Saxophone Choirs

See Mrs. Karen Reath for information
(717) 477-1638


Beginning Fall 2013, students wishing to participate in any ensemble, will register during their registration time.
Whether there are auditions or not, students will now register for the ensemble in the prior semester or summer.

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