University to celebrate Day of Human Understanding

Shippensburg University will celebrate diversity with its annual Day of Understanding Sept. 21.Ferguson

Guest speaker is Dr. Ronald Ferguson, a lecturer in public policy and senior research associate at the Wiener Center for Social Policy at Harvard University’s JFK School of Government. His talk at 7 p.m. in Memorial Auditorium is “Toward Excellence with Equity — How Peers, Parents and Teachers Affect Achievement Levels and Gaps.”

The talk addresses themes from his book, Toward Excellence with Equity: An Emerging Vision for Closing the Achievement Gap. His talk will make the case for a national social and cultural movement aimed at raising achievement levels for students of all backgrounds, while also narrowing gaps. The presentation will address issues of youth culture, parenting, and instructional quality and leadership.

In addition to his public talk, he will also conduct several workshops during the day.

Ferguson is the faculty co-chair and director of the Achievement Gap Initiative (AGI) at Harvard. The AGI is a university-wide effort to bridge the gap between research and practice in ways that help raise achievement and close gaps. He is also faculty co-chair of the Pathways to Prosperity Initiative (for school-to-career transitions) and the creator and research director of the Tripod Project for School Improvement.

An MIT-trained economist, he is a senior lecturer in education and public policy and holds a joint appointment between the Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and the Kennedy School of Government. His teaching and publications cover a variety of issues in education and economic development. He also consults actively with schools and governmental agencies on efforts to raise achievement levels and close achievement gaps.

For more information, call 477-1161.