Advising Info

*When courses next semester are available online, post sign-up sheet & E-mail all advisees to sign up (15-30 min slots)
*Find out topics for Capstone and Selected Topics courses

Useful Websites:
General Education - Math requirement: HYPERLINK ""
Undergrad programs - especially useful for looking up minor requirements: HYPERLINK ""
Transferring courses from nearby schools - HYPERLINK ""
Honors Psych Major (min 3.4 GPA): HYPERLINK ""
Learning Center: HYPERLINK ""
Counseling Center: HYPERLINK ""

Freshmen and New Transfer students:
Show them how and when (on your Advisee list) to register online on Student Info System - HYPERLINK ""

Second semester Juniors & First Semester Seniors - Recommend a Gradcheck - Application form online -
HYPERLINK "" - Advisor can make Gradcheck folder

Other helpful info
Undergraduates can take courses - Pass-Fail up to 10 credits for undergraduate degree - deadline to apply is early in the semester
Undergraduates can retake the same course twice to change the grade - can retake courses up to 6 times for undergraduate degree.
Juniors and higher can only take a maximum of 2 General Education Courses per semester.

Other than course scheduling:
What do you want to do after you graduate?
Discuss portfolios, internships, summer jobs, community service, leadership experience, Advanced Research to gain experience, learn, and build on portfolio/resume.
For informational events useful for career: HYPERLINK ""

Looking for Jobs
Check resources at Career Development Center - HYPERLINK ""
(Job & Internship fairs, Interview, Resume, Cover letter advice etc.)

If Graduate School is an option
For graduate school and career advice - HYPERLINK ""
Deciding on your program/career of interest - HYPERLINK "" or HYPERLINK ""

American Psychological Association (APA) accredited programs in Clinical, Counseling, & School Psychology
Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Professionals (CACREP)
The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) - HYPERLINK ""
- For study materials - HYPERLINK "" & HYPERLINK ""

-Check internship bulletin board (first floor by 115 FSC), or see Dr. Weikel (internship director) or go to the Psych Dept. “Internship fair” organized every fall semester if you do not know where to start looking
Prerequisite Requirements -must have completed 60 credits, min 2.0 GPA & need to have completed Person to Person and/or Childhood & Adolescence or Psychology of Exceptional child or other course depending on internship to qualify
-three free elective credits = 120 hours - receive up to nine credits
-you must keep a log for your internship hours & write a paper for internship credit (12 pages-3 credits; 20 pages-6 credits)
-Application at HYPERLINK "" - click on "Internships" - "Application Forms" - Due Dec. 1 & May 1
- Students do not register themselves for Internships online! Once approved, it will appear on their schedule.

Go to HYPERLINK "" - click on "Research" - "Prof's Research Interests"
Ask faculty if you can work with them on their research for Advanced Research in Psychology to receive credit (up to 6 free psych elective credits) - Students do not register themselves for Advanced Research in Psychology online!

SU Masters Programs
Psychology: HYPERLINK ""
Psy 4 + 1 Program (min 3.0 GPA): HYPERLINK "" - advising Guidesheet - Dr. Madey
Counseling & College Student Personnel : HYPERLINK ""

*Don't Forget to Release Students for Scheduling!