M. S. in Psychological Science

The M.S. in Psychological Science at Shippensburg University is a broad-based, general degree with ample opportunities to engage in research with faculty. Research experience may increase acceptance into doctoral programs and later employment. All students accepted into our psychological science master’s program begin their studies in the General/Comprehensive Track. At the end of the first year, you may move into the Research Track by finding a faculty member willing to support your thesis work. You may apply to the Applied Track at the end of the first year as well. If you are not accepted into the Research or Applied Tracks at the end of your first year, you will complete the General/Comprehensive Track. You may only occupy placement in one track. Ten courses (30 credits) are the minimum required for graduation. 

It should be clearly understood that the M.S. in Psychological Science does not provide specific training or accreditation for those interested in employment in the areas of Clinical, Counseling or Neuroscience. If Clinical or Counseling Psychology is your area of interest, please see the Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel at Shippensburg University. If Clinical Social Work is your area of interest, please see the Social Work Master's Program at Shippensburg University.

Resources for Prospective Students

Thesis Information

Applied Track Information

  • Applied Track Registration (Not Currently Active)

Additional Resources

General/Comprehensive Track

Current students are taking advantage of the General/Comprehensive Track in a variety of ways. One, for example, is gaining experience in human factors by seeking additional research with an applied focus. Another is conducting mock jury research as a relevant stepping stone into the legal field. Although the additional work is not required of the General/Comprehensive Track, the possible skills and experience that can be gained from it make the General/Comprehensive Track very adaptable.

Current Positions Held by Graduates from the General/Comprehensive Track

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • High School Teacher
  • Community College Instructor
  • University Adjunct Professor
  • Private Business Owner
  • Behavioral and Health Services Director

Research Track

If you are seeking degrees beyond the master’s level immediately upon graduation, this concentration allows you to specialize in a sub-area of psychology through elective courses and completion of a research thesis (Thesis I and II). Successful completion of the thesis requirement could increase your chances of acceptance into imminent doctoral programs and is required for your degree.

Ph.D. Programs Attended by Recent Graduates from the Research Track

  • SUNY Albany (Cognitive Psychology)
  • SUNY Stony Brook (Cognitive Psychology)
  • SUNY Binghamton (Clinical Psychology)
  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Clinical Psychology)
  • Wright State (Human Factors/Industrial & Organizational Psychology)
  • Southern Illinois (Applied Psychology)
  • Ohio University (Social Psychology)
  • Western Michigan University (Behavioral Science)

Applied Track

If you are trying to secure employment in industry, government, or non-profits upon graduating with the master’s degree, you’ll have opportunities to take courses with more applied emphases (e.g., Human Factors, Cognitive Science, and Statistics). You are required to successfully complete two semesters of Field Experience addressing real-world research applications with industry partners (Field Experience I and II). To date, 100 percent of all Applied Track students have secured employment aligned with their studies. Successful completion of Field Experience I and II are required for your degree.

Current Positions Held by Graduates from the Applied Track

  • Replenishment Analyst
  • Senior Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Research Consultant
  • Statistical Consultant
  • Associate Consultant
  • Behavioral Health Worker
  • Behavioral Specialist Consultant/Mobile Therapist