Frequently Asked Questions-Master's Program

Question: How do I apply for the Master's of Reading Program?

You can apply online at or call the admissions office at 717-477-1231 and request an application or call the admissions office and request an application. Following successful completion of the application process, an applicant will be granted Foundational Status.

Question: How does a candidate reach Foundational Status?

Foundational Status means an applicant has been accepted into the Master’s of Reading Program and is permitted to enroll in foundational level courses. Foundational Status requirements are:  completing foundational status courses with a minimum of a "B' grade and approval of e-folio by advisor.  Following approval of e-folio, candidates are granted Practicum Status.

Question: How does a candidate reach Practicum Status?

Practicum status is granted by a candidate's advisor after all foundational status coursework is completed and the candidate's advisor has          approved the candidate's e-folio.  The courses in practicum status are to be taken in sequence unless approved by candidate's advisor.  During the lastcourse in the candidate's program, the reading specialist praxis exam is to be taken.

Question: What is an e-folio?

Starting September 1, 2011, the reading committee has implemented a e-folio.  More information can be found by downloading the Master's of Reading Handbook which can be found on the Master's of Reading homepage or by contacting your advisor.

Question: Which Praxis exam should I take to be certified as a Reading Specialist?

Candidates must pass the Praxis Exam entitled "Reading Specialist" to be certified in Pennsylvania as a reading specialist and to obtain a Master's of Education.  Beginning September 1, 2012, the computer based version of the reading specialist praxis exam is required.

Question: How do I register for graduation?

 Applications for graduation can be found at  The link is made active after the beginning of each semester.



New Praxis Exam: Beginning September 1, 2012, the paper/pencil version of the Reading Specialist exam will no longer be offered in Pennsylvania.  To take the place of the paper/pencil exam, a computer based exam is being offered in Harrisburg.  

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