Declaration of  Major, Minor, & Other Credentials


Please review the Change of Major requirements posted under “Forms” on the Registrar’s website ( ) prior to submitting your form for signature.

In order to complete a form to declare a major, minor, concentration, letter of completion or change from one major at the university into another you must meet certain criteria. Majors at Shippensburg are classified as either “high-demand” or “non-high-demand.” Students wanting to declare or change to a “non-high-demand” major may submit a request form at any time during the semester. NOTE:  Declaration of Major, Minor, & Other Credentials forms will not be processed two weeks prior to the start of course registration through the end of the initial course registration period (approximately 5 weeks).  Any form submitted during this time will be processed after the initial course registration period ends.  Students should be able to register for classes in the new major during the schedule clean-up and schedule adjustment periods.
Your request is subject to the approval of the appropriate Department Chair and then the Dean of the college in which the new or intended major is located, following a review of your overall academic record.

Major programs classified as “high-demand” have limited enrollment. Your first step is to complete and submit a form to the major department within the first three weeks of the semester. The deadline for students interested in declaring a major in Education is 2 weeks into the semester. By the fourth week of the semester, the major department will contact you regarding any additional information that may be required for admission such as an interview, written essay or attendance at an information session. The major department will notify you by the fifth week of the semester as to the status of your request. The major department will also notify the Registrar’s Office of the major change and assign you a new academic advisor prior to course registration for the next academic term. Acceptance into any major program at Shippensburg University is based upon space availability, specified GPA or other requirements. 

Section I: Student Information

In order to complete this section, students should log in to their myShip portal.  Go to the Student Information Menu and select Student Information to access your current major, minor, concentration, or certificate information. Please include your entire current program of study by selecting the appropriate check box(es) below.

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Current Majors, Minors, or Certificates. 

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Section II: Program of Study Declaration

Please indicate all Majors, Minors, Certificates that you are requesting to ADD to your program of study by selecting the appropriate check box(es).

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Section III: Remove Majors, Minors, Certificates

Please indicate all respective information that you are requesting to remove from your program of study. 

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