Dr. Dara Bourassa

Associate Professor & Director of Gerontology


Office: 325 Shippen Hall
Phone: 717-477-1969
Email: dpbourassa@ship.edu
BSW-University of Pittsburgh (1998)
MSW-University of Pittsburgh (1999)
PhD-Social Work, Universit of Maryland (2007)


SWK 102 Social Work and Social Welfare
SWK 150 Human Relations Lab
SWK 250 Assessing Individuals in the Social Environment
SWK 327 Social Work Practice with Families
SWK 351 Special Fields: Aging
SWK 357 Special Fields: Health Care
SWK 360 Research Techniques for Social Workers

GRN 100 Introduction to Gerontology
GRN 301 Gerontology Internship I
GRN 303 Gerontology Internship II
GRN 480 Diversity in Later Life


SWK 525 Graduate Research Methods
SWK 604 Health Care
SWK 630 Advanced Field Practicum I
SWK 640 Diversity in Later Life
SWK 650 Applied Projects and Research in Aging


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