Highlights, News, and Events

Thinking about majoring in Social Work? Join the Social Work Orientation Meetings
Tuesday, November 4 from 3-4:30 pm
Thursday, December 4 from 3:30-4:30 pm
RSVP here. RSVP recommended, but not required.

Come Support SW POC Projects

Shippnsburg Community Resource Coalition's Summer Lunch Program
Restaurant Night at Knute's - 11/3/14 from 10am - 11pm
Print off the flyer
For more information, contact Jenna

Ship Says No More Campaign!
Members of campus should hold the "No More" sign
Submit it to Women's Center by:
-emailing the photos to womenscenter@ship.edu
-post the photos to twitter with #ShipSaysNoMore or @suwomenscenter
Signs are available at the Women's Center or the Social Work department
Photos due by October 31

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    Contact Information

    Department of Social Work & Gerontology
    Shippensburg University
    382 Shippen Hall
    1871 Old Main Drive
    Shippensburg, PA 17257
    (717) 477-1717


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    Dr. Dara Bourassa 

    Associate Professor & Director of  Gerontology 


    Office:  325 Shippen Hall
    Phone:  717-477-1969
    BSW-University of Pittsburgh (1998)
    MSW-University of Pittsburgh (1999)
    PhD-Social Work, Universit of Maryland (2007)


    73-102 Social Work and Social Welfare
    73-327 Social Work Practice with Families
    73-351 Special Fields of Social Work: Aging
    73-357 Special Fields of Social Work: Health Care                
    73-360 Research Techniques for Social Workers
    81-100 Introduction to Gerontology
    81-301 Gerontology Internship I
    81-303 Gerontology Internship II
    81-480 Diversity in Later Life


    073-525 Graduate Research Methods
    073-604 Health Care
    073-630 Advanced Field Practicum I
    073-640 Diversity in Later Life
    081-650 Applied Projects and Research in Aging