Non Resident Undergraduate Student Tuition Rates 

Tuition rates are set annually by the Board of Governors of the PA State System of Higher Education. The standard non resident (non-PA) tuition rate is 225% of the resident (PA) rate. Non resident students have several opportunities to receive a reduced tuition rate.

High Achieving Non Resident Students – 175% of resident rate

Students who meet certain academic qualifications may be eligible to receive the High Achieving Non Resident rate:

  1. New freshman who earn a 1200 SAT or better (critical reading + critical math) OR graduate in the top 10 percent of their class. 
  2. New transfer students who have earned less than 30 college level credits and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  3. New transfer students who have earned 30 or more college level credits and have a minimum GPA of 2.8.
  4. Continuing Students who meet the minimum requirements each semester
    • 2.5 semester and cumulative GPA for recipients with less than 30 earned credit hours
    • 2.8 semester and cumulative GPA for recipients with 30 or more earned credit hours

Continuing students must meet the qualifications EACH SEMESTER in order to continue to receive the High Achieving rate.

After the final semester grades post, if the semester or cumulative GPA has fallen below the minimum requirements, tuition will be adjusted for the upcoming semester and the standard out of state rate will be charged. The student will receive a notice that charges have changed, and the student will be responsible for paying the additional tuition. Conversely, if a student is not currently receiving the high achieving rate and after final semester grades post, the semester and cumulative GPA meet the high achieving status, the student’s tuition will be reduced for the upcoming semester.

STEM Majors – 175% of resident rate 

Out-of-State students who select a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) major or STEM Education major will receive a reduced rate as long as they stay in the selected major.
Final semester tuition rates will be based on the major a student has as of the end of the semester drop period. Major changes after that date will be reflected in tuition charges for the upcoming semester.
Below is a list of qualifying STEM majors.

STEM Disciplines

Biological Sciences
Biology B.S.
Biology B.S. with secondary certification

Computer and Information Systems
Computer Science B.S.
Information Technology for Business Education B.S.B.A.
Management Information Systems B.S.B.A.

Electrical Engineering B.S.
Computer Engineering B.S.
Software Engineering B.S.

Earth and Space Science B.S.Ed.
Geoenvironmental Studies B.S.

Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics B.S.
Mathematics B.S. with secondary certification

Physical Sciences
Applied Physics B.S.
Chemistry B.S.
Chemistry B.S. with secondary certification
Physics B.S.
Physics B.S.Ed.

Dual Admissions - 150% of resident rate

Dual Admissions is a program designed to ensure seamless enrollment from an associate degree program at a community college to a bachelor’s degree program at Shippensburg University. We currently maintain six Dual Admissions Programs with community colleges in Pennsylvania and Maryland:
Allegany College of Maryland
Carroll Community College
Frederick Community College
Hagerstown Community College
Harrisburg Area Community College
Howard Community College

For more information about Dual Admission and how to enroll, visit the Dual Admissions Program page.

International Students – 225% of resident rate

International students pay the Non Resident rate and are not eligible for the Non Resident High Achieving and STEM rates.