Undergraduate Research Grant Program

The Undergraduate Research Program is designed to provide financial support to undergraduate students for research and scholarly activities related to their program of studies to enable them to better understand the scientific process, experience discovery, develop their analytical and communication skills, and become consumers of research. This university-wide program has supported laboratory research, field activities, art projects, written works, and computer applications and is funded by the Shippensburg University Foundation.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to submit applications for independent research to be conducted during the academic year and summer months. Also, they are encouraged to write and publish papers describing their research and to submit proposals for presentation at national, regional and international conferences.

  • 2015/2016 Call for Proposals: Please review for complete program details and instructions.
  • Proposals will be accepted starting September 8, 2015
  • Application Deadline: Friday, October 9, 2015 by 5:00 PM
  • Award Notification: First Week of November 2015.
  • Please Note: UGR Grants will be awarded on a COMPETITIVE BASIS.
  1. Online Application Form: The application period has ended.
  2. PDF of your 3 page proposal: appendices excepted but not required
  3. Budget: Budget Template (Excel Format)
    • This worksheet was designed to assist you in preparing your proposal budget.
    • We strongly encourage you to work with your faculty mentor to identify reasonable costs associated with your proposal.
    • If you prefer, you may create your own worksheet. If you do so, you are expected to use the same budget categories and the same layout as provided on this template.
  4. Faculty Mentor Approval Letter (or email)
    • Faculty letter should include:
      • Student's Name
      • Project Title
      • Acknowledgment of budget amount including faculty travel portion
      • Approval of proposal
  5. Send PDFs of All Materials To: Pamela Bucher, at psbuch@ship.edu.

To assist you in preparing your proposal we have provided the following links:

  • Scoring Rubric : We strongly encourage you to organize your narrative around the categories identified on this rubric. Please respond to each of the criteria separately and specifically.

If you have any questions regarding the UGR grant program contact the IPSSP office at IPSSP@ship.edu or call 717-477-1251.

  • SU Minds@Work Conference: Students funded through the Undergraduate Research Grant Program are required to present their research results at the 4/19/2016 conference.
  • Library Research Award
    • The Ezra Lehman Library will present the Library Research Award to the undergraduate student researcher who writes the best literature review as a part of her or his undergraduate research with a faculty mentor.
    • The Library will present a $1000 first prize award and a $500 honorable mention award.
    • Students interested in the Library Research Award must complete a separate application. (More information at http://library.ship.edu/friendly.php?s=lra)

When Humans are Used in Research: Shippensburg University complies with federal regulations regarding the use of human subjects in research. This means that any project using humans must gain the approval of the SU Committee on Research with Human Subjects before any data is collected. For help in submitting a proposal to the Committee on Research with Human Subjects please click here: http://www.ship.edu/research/.

For more information on the federal regulations on the use of human subjects in research, click here: Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.

For More Information, contact the Committee on Research with Human Subjects:

  • Dr. Turi Braun, Co-Chair
    College of Education and Human Services (excluding Exercise Science Dept.)
  • Dr. Robert Hale, Co-Chair
    College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business (plus Exercise Sci Dept.)

When Animals are Used in Research: Student research that includes the use of live animals must seek the approval of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee before the project commences. Contact Dr. Kathryn Potoczak for detailed information on the procedure for gaining this approval.