Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

Shippensburg University is pleased to offer the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program as a way for students to work with faculty on research over the summer. The purpose of the SURE program is to support faculty/student research pairs during the summer. The goals are twofold: to nurture student researchers and to provide faculty members with paid student research assistants. Students selected for the program will receive a summer stipend for research tasks assigned by a faculty supervisor. By assisting faculty members in their research, students selected for the program will learn the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting advanced research in their field.


  • Funded projects will be allotted up to $750 for up to 100 hours of student work at $7.50/hour; if multiple students are working on a project, the 100 hours must be split among the students. Students log their hours online, and the faculty mentor reviews and approves the hours. Biweekly, the student will receive payment through the SU Human Resources.
  • Students selected for the SURE program may take advantage of free on-campus dormitory housing.
  • Students selected for the SURE program may purchase a reduced-price 15-meal punch cards for $121 at Reisner dining hall.
  • A SURE orientation dinner will be held Tuesday, May 9.
  • Students and faculty members are expected to present their SURE results at the Academic Day in August.

    For 2017, the Provost’s office and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences’ office are providing at least $12,000 for all SURE awards, and we anticipate making 16 awards. Last year we supported 16 projects involving a total of 18 student researchers.


The program is open to all faculty members (both tenure-track and adjunct) and to those undergraduate students who will be enrolled as students at Ship during the fall semester following the summer program. Seniors graduating in May are not eligible for the SURE program. Research activities need not take place on campus. Only one SURE grant may be awarded to a faculty member or student per summer.

If your summer research requires IRB approval, you must request approval by April 6, one week prior to the last meeting of the Committee on Human Subjects. See for more information.

Applying for a SURE Grant

Submit your application via You will be asked to upload your application; use this template. Important: the section of the proposal “Potential for student growth and development” must be written by the student.


Faculty/student joint applications are due by Sunday, March 26 at 11:59 PM. All requests for payment must be submitted by the end of August.

Additional Information