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Reading Minor - Undergraduate

Background information on minors (from undergraduate catalog 2005-07)

Each student majoring in elementary education is required to select, at the time of admission, an academic field of interest for a concentration or minor. Minors are selected from university approved minors identified in the undergraduate catalog but to be approved for the program, the minor must at least satisfy the criteria established for a concentration. A concentration is an in-depth study, beyond the requirements of the elementary major which involves an additional field of certification or academic emphasis in a specific discipline. It will be 15 semester hours, distinct of the credits required by the major and including, whenever possible, at least one upper-level course which has prerequisites stated in the catalog description. Students may change their concentration/minor upon approval.

Reading Minor Courses—18 Credits

  • RDG232 Reading in the Elementary School (taken by all education majors)
  • TCH255 Multicultural Issues & Strategies in Basic Education
  • RDG329 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas
  • RDG334 Classroom Based Literacy Assessment (must be taken before RDG340)
  • RDG340 Seminar in Literacy Tutoring (must complete RDG334 before enrollment in this course)
  • Elective (choose 1)
    • RDG422 Studies in Children’s Literature
    • RDG490 Selected Topics in Reading
    • TCH423 Integrating Literature in the Middle Grades

Reading Minor Planning Sheet