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Intern Spotlight: Emily Emig

Emily Emig currently has an internship with the Bureau of State Parks and she sat down to tell us all about it!


Q: What’s your name, major, and intended graduation year? 

A: My name is Emily Emig, I’m a Human Communication Studies major and Technical/Professional Communications is my minor and I will graduate in May 2017.

Q: Tell us about your current internship.


A: My internship is with the Bureau of State Parks with the Department of Conservation of National Resources, which is under the State Government. It’s a communications internship under them, so I’m not in the field; I’m behind the scenes running social media. It's a pretty cool internship.


Q: What are your responsibilities?


A: I’ve written a few articles for PA Forest Magazine, I control the social media pages, and I attend the executive meetings. I’ve gotten to put my input on larger bureau matters like the future of how state parks are going to run. I have also helped plan events, where I create the invitation, the guest list, the field invites, and then get to attend the events and make sure everything runs smoothly. So, not only have I been behind the scenes as far as putting events, and papers together but I also get to communicate with high level executives as well as legislators in Pennsylvania.

Q: Do you believe the Technical Communications minor aided you when applying to your current position? What are some of the skills you utilize in this position?

A: Absolutely, this minor has helped me so much, a lot of what I do is putting documents together whether it be a proposal, I recently created a proposal for state parks, when to post [on social media], different posts, and what’s the most popular, so I had to use my skills of proposal writing for that. 


As far as certain ways to write and how to handle yourself with others, although there was never directly a class for professionalism I feel that Dr. Kungl and Dr. Cella specifically have given me the skills I need to communicate with high level executives.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory of the minor from your time here at Ship?


A: I wouldn’t say a favorite because I liked a lot of my classes. Definitely, the two that helped me the most were Technical Writing 1 and 2 because they give you the basis for everything. Multimedia Presentation with Dr. Liu was the best because we got to design a website, and we got to choose between HTML and Wix, and I chose HTML so I could learn it. Then, in Dr. Kungl’s class I was able to use Wix. I don’t directly use those in my internship, but I do use them in my personal life.

We want to thank Emily for sharing her experiences with her internship with us. Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

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