Avoid the PHISH Safe Computing

  • NEVER send your Ship username and password in an email
  • NEVER click on a link within an email until you verify the destination is valid

Scam e-mail messages continue to be sent to Ship e-mail accounts requesting username and password information. These fraudulent hoaxes are called spear phishing. Spear phishers aim their attacks at many higher education institutions and often change their tactics to stay ahead of spam filters. These attackers pose as official Ship IT support personnel and request that you send them your username and password. Spear phishing e-mails are disguised to appear legitimate, but the reply-to address is not a Ship email address and the website address in the message does not direct you to a Ship website. If you receive an e-mail requesting your username and password, DO NOT follow the instructions. Just delete the message without response.

Shippensburg University will NEVER send out email messages asking you to provide your email/username and password. If you have responded to any such request, please visit https://password.ship.edu and change your password immediately.


  • Check to "To:" field when replying to a message. The reply-to address may be different than the “From” address of the original message. Make sure the reply-to address is an address you recognize.
  • Mouse over links in email or webpages to check their real destination before clicking on them.
  • When you mouse over links in Outlook Web Access, all links will start with https://mail.ship.edu/owa/redir.asx. Refer to the end of the URL string to verify link legitimacy. This example below is from a phishing email message. Notice the hostname is “host-ed.net”.
  • Your best protection is your common sense. If the email message looks suspicious or contains bad grammar, or the website looks different from standard Ship websites, it is likely a phishing attempt.
  • For questions or to verify the legitimacy of an email message, contact the Ship Help Desk at 717-477-4357 or helpdesk@ship.edu.


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