Student Computer Recommendations

Hardware Recommendations

When looking for a new computer for your college career, please take into consideration the following recommendations. If you plan on purchasing in-store, or on via a web site, please feel free to provide these requirements to a customer service representative for them to offer further assistance in finding a machine that is right for your needs.

Minimum Supported Recommended
Processor 1.5 GHz Intel/AMD processor 2.0+ GHz Intel/AMD processor
Memory 4 GB RAM 8 GB RAM (or higher)
Hard Drive 50-100 GB 120+ GB
(solid state drives provide the best performance)
External Drive None required DVD-RW drive (if available)
Network Connection Built-in WiFi Wired Ethernet + built-in WiFi
(wired connections are best for dorm room connectivity)

Software Recommendations

If you are considering both a Windows PC and a Mac, check with your academic department to see if they have a recommendation. Most departments at Ship use Windows-based PCs, but several (such as Art, Communications/Journalism, etc.) also use Macintosh computers. Ship supports the use of either Windows or Mac on campus, and will assist you with questions or issues on both operating systems.

Windows-based PC
Minimum Supported Recommended
Windows version Windows 7 (Windows XP is NOT supported) Windows 10
Productivity software Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Office 2016 ProPlus
(available for free for Ship students)
Anti-virus software Up-to-date/current anti-virus Sophos Anti-Virus
(available for free for Ship students)

Apple Mac
Minimum Supported Recommended
Mac OS X version Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or 10.12 (Sierra)
Productivity Software Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Microsoft Office for Mac 2016
(available for free for Ship students)
Anti-virus software Up-to-date/current anti-virus Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac
(available for Free for Ship students)

If you have any questions regarding these recommendations, please contact the Student Help Desk at 717-477-HELP (x4357) or You may also stop by in person in the Ezra Lehman Memorial Library to discuss your hardware/software questions in person!

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