Waiver Exam

(Math Placement Testing in ACCUPLACER must be completed in order to be eligible for Waiver Exam)

As a student with math placement at Level 1 or Level 2, we provide another option for students to work independently to improve their placement level.  For this free option, you work alone or with a tutor to review your skills in an online waiver program.

Students first take a Unit 1 exam. If able to earn a 70% or higher, student is done and continues to try the Unit 2 exam. If they do not pass they must study, review, and practice the areas in which they scored poorly. Students repeat this process for 4 units, all of which they must pass with a 70% or better to continue on to the next. When they have passed all 4 units with a 70% or better they are granted access to the actual Waiver Exam. The student must pass the Waiver Exam with a 70% or better to move to a math level 3 (PLML): MAT140A.

If you cannot pass the unit exams or the waiver exam, please do not panic!  You simply remain at mathematics Level 1 or 2 for the purposes of registering for a mathematics class at Ship.

There is no fee involved for completing the online review system.

NOTE: Waiver Exam MUST be completed within 2yrs of placement testing.

Please email testing@ship.edu using your SU email account requesting to be enrolled in the Waiver Exam Program.