Lesson 7: Transferable Skills


The purpose of this lesson is to remind you of the skills that the corporate world is looking for. Remember, major is not as important as who you are and what you bring to a job.

Skill Identification

http://www.uvc.ohio-state.edu/Altworks/capsheets/assign6.html (Skill Identification)

An important part of exploring career fields is to assess your abilities to see how they relate to the skills required in certain kinds of work. Many people have skills and abilities they are unaware of or take for granted. Skills can be divided into four types*.

Work skills

specific skills used in performing a particular work task for which you are paid.

Leisure activity skills

specific skills used in non-paid leisure pursuits.

General skills

skills used in working with data, people or things, which can be used in a variety of situations.

People skills

individual skills involving self control used when dealing with people and time.

Examples of these skills are:
Work Skills Tuning an engine, teaching life-saving, writing a report, selling large machinery, preparing a legal brief, laying brick, programming a computer, setting up a lab experiment, or painting a mural
Leisure Skills Playing the piano, sailing a boat, reading, designing a parade float, constructing a model airplane, or collecting stamps
Personal Skills Artistic, punctual, articulate, sympathetic, patient, creative, leadership ability, efficient, open-minded, tolerant, or athletic
The Following General Skills have been broken down into three categories:
Involved with people: Communicating, negotiating, human relations, teaching, supervising, persuading, performing, or leadership
Involved with data: Developing/planning, organizing, analyzing, innovating, researching, computing, comparing, numerical/financial or, management skills
Involved with things: Precision working, operating, tending, handling, machine or manual skills, or artistic
* Adapted from CENTS, Olympus Publishing Co., Salt Lake City , Utah

List five of your most satisfying achievements. These may be things you did well, enjoyed doing, or are proud of doing. Describe your achievements in specific terms, and then identify the skills you used in the appropriate column.

List your Five most satisfying achievements

Work Skills

Leisure Activity

General Skills

Personal Skills


taught hospital routine; made art objects

played card games; reading; arranged parties

teaching; persuading; communicating

patience; creativity; initiative




This web site defines a myriad of skill areas. From each area, write the skills that you currently possess. Then, from each area, write the skills that you currently do not posses.


Complete the Transferable Skills Survey. What were the results? Did they differ from what you found on the previous assignment?