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Alcohol:Use, Nonuse, and Abuse (C. Carroll)
My Mama’s Waltz (E. Agnew and S. Robideaux)
The Female Fix(M. Nellis)
Women and Cocaine(V. Greenleaf)


Margaret Mead: A Life(J. Howard) (+LL)
The Descent of Woman(E. Morgan) (+LL)
Woman's Evolution from Matriarchal Clan to Patriarchal Family(E. Reed) (+LL)
Women Who Run With the Wolves (C. Estes)
Beyond the Limits (S. Allison)
Jackie Joyner Kersee:Superwoman (M. Goldstein & J. Larson)
Babe Didrikson: Athlete of the Century (R. Knudson)(+RSL)
The Stronger Women Get, The More Men Love Football (M. Nelson)
Wait Till Next Year (D. K. Goodwin)
Martina(M. Navratilova)(+LL)
Fastest Woman on Earth(A. Thacher)
The Womanly Art of Self-Defense:A Commonsense Approach (K. Burg)
Her Wits About Her (D. Caignon, G. Groves)
Women in the Martial Arts (C. Wiley)
Everyday Self-Defense:Protect Yourself with Attitude, Intuition and Strategy (K. Quinn)


Women, Crime, & Society(E. Leonard) (+LL)
No, Not Me!A Personal Safety Handbook(Dupont Co., Inc.)
Street Smarts:A Personal Safety Guide to Women (L. Rafkin)
Crimes Against Women(D. Russell, N. Vande Ven) (+LL)
Transforming A Rape Culture (Buchwald, Fletcher, Roth) 2 copies
Acquaintance Rape:The Hidden Crime (A. Parrot, L. Bechhofer)
Against Our Will(S. Brownmiller)
Rape: Victims of Crisis(A. Burgess, L. Holmstrom)(+LL)
If She Is Raped (A. McEvoy, J. Brookings)
Sex Without Consent (T. Simon, C. Harris)
Stopping Rape:A Challenge for Men (R. Funk)
The Healing Process After Rape (J.Katz)
Against Rape(A. Medea, K. Thompson)
Rape: The First Sourcebook for Women(N. Connell, C.Wilson) (+LL)
The Other Side of Silence (C. Carter)
Rape 101:Sexual Assault Prevention for College Athletes (A. Parrot, N.Cummings, T. Marchell)
Acquaintance Rape and Sexual Assault:A Prevention Manual, 5th ed, (A. Parrot)
Fraternity Gang Rape(P. Sanday)
Twice Raped(A. Savage)
I Never Called It Rape(R. Warshaw)2 copies
What Every Woman Needs of Know About Sexual Assault (A. Eaves, B. Eaves)
Who’s Afraid of the Dark? (C. Carosella)
Stalked:Breaking the Silence on the Crime of Stalking in America (M. Schaum, K. Parrish)
When Men Batter Women (N. Jacobson, J. Gottman)
Ending the Violence (L. Bowker)
Man Against Woman: What Every Woman Should KnowAbout Violent Men(E. Gondolf)
Next Time, She'll Be Dead:Battering and How to Stop It, (A. Jones)
Wife Beating: The Silent Crisis(R. Langley, R. Levy)
The Criminal Justice System and Women(B. Price, N.Sokoloff) (+LL)
The Woman Who Took Back Her Streets (R. Smith, T. Chappelle)
Obsession, (J. Douglas)


Women of Academe (N. Aisenberg, M. Harrington)(+LL)
Harriet Tubman: They Called Me Moses(L. Meyer)
Confronting Sexual Harassment (J. Brandenburg)
Hostile Hallways (AAUW)
Failing at Fairness (M Sadker & D. Sadker)
The Chilly Classroom Climate: A Guide to Improve the Education of Women (B. Sandler, L. Silverberg, R. Hall)
Growing Smart:What's Working for Girls in School:Executive Summary and Action Guide (AAUW)
Growing Smart:What's Working for Girls in School (AAUW)
How Schools Shortchange Girls (AAUW Report)
Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America (A.A.V.W.)
Women and Education(E. Fennema, M. J. Ayer) (+LL)
Get Smart!A Woman's Guide to Equality on Campus(M.Katz, V.Vieland)2 copies (+LL)
Educated in Romance(D. Holland, M. Eisenhart) (+LL)
Educating Ourselves:The College Woman's Handbook (R. Dobkin, S. Sippy)
Black Ice(L. Cary)
Coming of Age in New Jersey(M. Moffatt)(+LL)


Journal Of Women’s History (L. Rupp)
Woman's Almanac(K. Paulsen, R. Kuhn)
Womanwords (J. Mills)
The Subordinate Sex(V. Bullough) (+LL)
Timetables of Women's History, The (K. Greenspan)
The Liberation of Women(R. Hamilton)
Chronology of Women's History (K. Olsen)
Working It Out(S. Ruddick, P. Daniels) (+LL)
Feminist Theorists(D. Spender)
Woman, Society and Change(E. Sullerot) (+LL)
Women's Oppression Today (M. Barrett)
Gyn/Ecology:The Metaethics of Radical Feminism (M. Daly)
Pure Lust(M. Daly) (+LL)
Men Are Just Desserts (S. Friedman)
Sexual Politics(K. Millett)
Words and Women(C. Miller, K. Swift) (+LL)
Where Women Stand (N. Neft, A. Levine)
Womankind(N. Reeves) (+LL)
The Feminist Papers(A. Rossi) (+LL)
Feminism:The Essential Historical Writings (M. Schneir)
The Fight for Freedom for Women(R. Tremain)
The World's Women 1995:Trends and Statistics (United Nations)
Women in a Changing World(U. West)
Nine Parts of Desire:The Hidden World of Islamic Women (G. Brooks)
A Sociology of Women(J. Ollengurger, H. Moore)
NWSA Journal, Fall 1998
NWSA Journal, Summer, 1997
NWSA Journal, Spring 1997
NWSA Journal, Fall 1996
NWSA Journal, Summer 1996
NWSA Journal, Spring 1996
NWSA Journal, Spring 1995
NWSA Journal, Summer 1995
NWSA Journal, Fall 1995
Scattered Hegemonies (I. Grewal, C. Kaplan)
Self?Assertion for Women: A Guide to BecomingAndrogynous(P. Butler)
The New Assertive Woman(L. Bloom, K. Coburn, J.Pearlman)
Recovery of Your Self-Esteem (C. Hillman)
The Cinderella Complex(C. Dowling)
My Mother/My Self(N. Friday)
In a Different Voice (C. Gilligan) 2 copies
The Girl Within (E. Hancock)
Trusting Ourselves (K. Johnson)
The Wounded Woman (L. Leonard)
The Woman's Comfort Book (J. Louden)
The Dance of Intimacy(H. Lerner)
Our Power as Women (H. Lerner-Robbins)
It's Our Move Now(J. Sandler)
Women and Self?Esteem(Sanford & Donovan) (+LL)
The Mismeasure of Woman (C. Tavris) 2 copies
Eve and the New Jerusale
Women's Ways of Knowing (Belendy, Clichchy, Goldberger, and Tarule) RESERVE
The Beauty Myth (N. Wolf)
The Eternal Question(M. Teehan)
Taking Charge (J. Lester)
Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun (K. Hughes, L. Wolf)
Ecofeminism:Women, Animals, Nature (G. Goard)
Desert Flower (W. Dirie, C. Miller)
Going Out of Our Minds:The Metaphysics of Liberation (S. Johnson)
Women in Politics:Outsiders or Insiders? (L. Duke)
Republican War Against Women, The (T. Melich)
Women of Influence, Women of Vision (H. S. Astin & C. Leland)
Speaking of Faith (D. Eck & D. Jain)
The Future of Difference(H. Eisenstein, A. Jardine)
A Heritage of Her Own (N. Cott, E. Pleck)
A History of Women in America(C. Hymowitz, M.Weissman)
Women in American History(W. Jacobs)
The Woman in American History (G. Lerner)
From Pocahontas to Power Suits (K. Mills)
Readers Companion to U.S. Women’s History (The) (M. Mankiller, G. Mink, M.Navarro, B. Smith, G. Steinem)
Unequal Sisters(E. DuBois, V. Ruiz) (+LL)
They Shall Be Heard:Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton (K. Connell)
Courage of Conviction (L. Perry & P. Geist)
They Led the Way(J. Johnston) 2 copies (1 copy in Feminism, 1 copy in childrens)
Famous American Women (R. McHenry)
Webster’s Dictionary of American Women (Merriam-Webster)
Betty Friedan: A Voice for Women's Rights(M. Meltzer)2 copies (+LL)
Gloria Steinem (M. Hoff) 2 copies
The Education of a Woman: The Life of Gloria Steinem (C. Heilbrun)
Remember the Ladies:Women in America 1750-1815 (L. DePauw, C.Hunt)
The Women's Movements in the United States and Britain from the 1790s to the 1920s (C. Bolt)
The Feminine Mystique(B. Friedan)
The Girl I Left Behind(J. O'Reilly)
Feminist Fatale(P. Kamen)
We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters (C. Roberts)
Moving Beyond Words (G. Steinem)
WAC Stats:The Facts About Women (Women's Action Coalition)
Women: Images and Realities (A. Kesselman, L. McNair, N. Schniedewind)
Black Feminist Thought (P. Collins)
The Second Stage(B. Friedan) (+LL)
Our Bodies Ourselves(Boston Women's Health Book)
I'm Running Away from Home, But I'm Not Allowed toCross the Street (G. Burton)
Modern Sexism(Benokraitis, Feagin)(+LL)
A Group Called Women(J. Cassell) (+LL)
The American Woman(W. Chafe) (+LL)
The Sisterhood (M. Cohen)
Multicultural Women's Sourcebook(M. Cotera)
She's Nobody's Baby(S. Dworkin, S. Levine)
American Women in the 20th Century: The Festival ofLife(R. Daniel)
Backlash(S. Faludi)(+LL)
Images of Women in American Popular Culture(A.Dorenkamp, J. McClymer, M. Moynihan, A. Vadum)
Issues in Feminism, 3rd ed. (S. Ruth)
Listen Up:Voices from the Next Feminist Generation (B. Findlen)
To Be Real (R. Walker)
Women: A Feminist Perspective(J. Freeman) (+LL)
Fire with Fire (N. Wolf)
Women's Sourcebook (L. DiMona & C. Herndon)
Race, Class, and Gender in the U.S. (2nd Ed.) (P. Rothenberg)
When the Bough Breaks:The Cost of Neglecting Our Children (S. Hewlett)
Alternative Social Services for Women(N. Gottlieb)
Telling (P. Francisco)
Men and Rape:Theory, Research, and Prevention Programs in Higher Education (A. Berkowitz, ed.)

Fine Arts

Confessions of the Guerrilla Girls (Guerrilla Girls)
Guerrilla Girls Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art (The) (GuierrillaGirls)
Grandma Moses: Painter of Rural America (Z. Oneal)(+LL)
The First Ms. Reader(F. Klagsbrun)


Chambers Biographical Dictionary of Women (M. Parry)
Larousse Dictionary of Women (M. Parry)
Revelations: Diaries of Women(M.J. Moffat, C. Painter)
Private Pages: Diaries of American Women 1830s?1970s(P. Franklin)
Women of Courage(M. Truman)
Different Voices: Women and the Holocaust (C. Ritner, J. Roth)
Clipped Wings (M. Merryman)
Eleanor of Aquitaine(M. Meade)
The Path to Power (M. Thatcher)
A Year in Provence (P. Mayle)
Our Golda:The Story of Golda Meir(D. Adler)(+RSL)
Winnie Mandela: The Soul of South Africa(M. Meltzer)(also Rowland)(+RSL)
Mankiller (W. Mankiller)
Wilma Mankiller:Chief of the Cherokee Nation (B. Glassman)
Women in the United States (B. Judd, D. Josephs)
Uprooting Racism (P. Kivel)
In the Company of My Sisters (J. Boyd)
Women, Race & Class(A. Davis)
When and Where I Enter(P. Giddings) (+LL)
Ain’t I a Woman (B. Hooks)
Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman (M. Wallace)
Divided Sisters (M. Wilson, K. Russell)
Dream A World (B. Lanker) RESERVE
Bone Black (bell hooks)
Sojourner Truth and the Struggle for Freedom(E. Claflin)
Harriet Tubman: Anti?slavery Activist(M. W. Taylor)
Clare Boothe Luce(W. Sheed)
Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World(D. Faber)(+RSL)
Barbara Jordan ? The Great Lady from Texas(N. Roberts)
24 Years of House Work...and the Place is Still a Mess (P. Schroeder)
The Worst Years of Our Lives (B. Ehrenreich)
The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother (J. McBride)


Battered Women: Issues Of Public Policy, U.S. Commission On Civil Rights Better Late Than Never: Financial Aid For Re?Entry Women Seeking Education And Training, Weal
Career Outcomes In A Matched Sample Of Men And Women Ph.D.S: An Analytical Report, Ahern, N. And Scott, E., 1981
Choices: A Teen Woman's Journal For Self Awareness & Personal Planning, Bingham, Met Al, 1983
Educational Needs Of Rural Women And Girls, National Advisory Council On Women's Educational Programs, January 1977
Feminist Studies (4 Volumes, 1985?1986)
Growing Up In Prime Time, National Commission On Working Women
Handbook For Beaten Women, A, Fields, M.D. And Lehman, E., 1977
History Is The Cure, Holzman, L. And Polk, H., 1988
Hypatia: Ethics And Reproduction, Fall 1989
Hypatia: Feminist Ethics And Medicine, Summer 1989
Hypatia: The History Of Women In Philosophy, Spring 1989
Integrating Women Into The Curriculum: Proceedings Of Women's Week 1984, Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland
Journal Of Sex Education And Therapy (4 Volumes), 1975?1976
Neglected Women: The Educational Needs Of Displaced Homemakers, Single Mothers And Older Women, National Advisory Council On Women's Educational Programs
Practical Guide To The Women's Movement, A, Women's Action Alliance
Practice: Psychologism And Schizophrenia, Fall 1988
Practice: The Magazine Of Psychology And Political Economy, Winter 1990(2 Copies)
Prime Time Kids, National Commission On Working Women
Prime Time Power, National Commission On Working Women, August 1987
Prime Time Women, National Commission On Working Women
Probe: The Intelligence Magazine Of The Working Left, Winter 1990(2 Copies)
Proteus: The Values Of Popular Literature, Shippensburg University, Spring 1989
Proteus: The Influence Of Darwin, Shippensburg University, Fall 1989
Proteus: A Journal Of Ideas, Shippensburg University, Fall 1988
Proteus: Maintaining Discipline In A Permissive Society, Shippensburg Univ., Fall 1986( 2 Copies)
Proteus: One Hundred Years Of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, Shippensburg Univ., Fall 1984
Removing Bias: Guidelines For Student?Faculty Communication, 1983
Report Of The Commission On Obscenity And Pornography, The,September 1970
Seven Years Later: Women's Studies Programs In 1976, June 1977
Sexism: Consciousness?Raising, Dean, Francis, C., August 1974
Sexual Assault On Campus: What Colleges Can Do, Adams, A. And Abarbanel, G.(8/88)


Where the Girls Are:Growing Up Female with the Mass Media (S. Douglas)
Journal of Homosexuality:Gay People, Sex, and the Media (M. Wolf, A. Kielwasser)
Man Made Language(D. Spender) (+LL)
Constellations: A Contextual Reader for Writers (J. Schilb, E. Flynn, J. Clifford)
Woman on the Edge of Time (M. Piercy)
A Thousand Acres (J. Smiley)
The Joy Luck Club(A. Tan)2 copies (+LL)
Snow Country (Y. Kawabata)
Among Women(L. Bernikow)
Women & Fiction 2(S. Cahill)
Are You Somebody? (N. O’Faolain)
Connie Chung:Broadcast Journalist (M. Malone)
And So It Goes (L. E. Herbee)
Virgin or Vamp:How the Press Covers Sex Crimes (H. Benedict)
An Intricate Weave (M. Miller)
Fragment from a Lost Diary and Other Stories (N. Katz, N. Milton)
An Uncommon Scold(A. Adams)
Plays By and About Women(V. Sullivan, J. Hatch)
Women's Glib(R. Warren)
Women's Glibber (R. Warren)
Sally Forth(G. Howard)
The Whole Enchilada(N. Hollander)
Simone de Beauvoir(D. Bair) (+LL)
Collette (J. Richardson)
Portrait of a Seductress (J. Chalon)
Like Water for Chocolate (L. Esquivel)
Paula (I. Allende)
Pride and Prejudice (J. Austen)
The Real Thing(D. Lessing)
Men at Arms (T. Pratchett)
One True Thing (A. Quindlen)
Once Were Warriors (A. Duff)
Sister's Choice (E. Showalter)
Writing Women’s Lives (S. Cahill)
Black Women Writers at Work(C. Tate) (+LL)
Present Tense (M. Reaman)
Jordan County (S. Foote)
Love in a Dry Season (S. Foote)
Collected Sonnets(E. St. Vincent Millay) (+LL)
The Collected Essays and Occasional Writings ofKatherine AnnePorter (+LL)
The Education of Harriet Hatfield (M. Sarton)
Bastard Out of Carolina (D. Allison)
Six of One (R. Brown)
Southern Comfort (R. Brown)
Your Blues Ain't Like Mine (B. M. Campbell)
What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day...(P. Cleage)
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water (M. Dorris)
Love Medicine (L. Erdrich)
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (F. Flagg)
A Lesson Before Dying (E. Gaines)
A Mother & Two Daughters(G. Godwin)
Memoirs of a Geisha (A. Golden) (2 copies)
Long Distance Life(M. Golden)
Mother of Pearl (M. Haynes)
Into the Forest (J. Hegland)
She’s Come Undone (W. Lamb) (2 copies)
Dancing at the Edge of the World (U. Le Guin)
Where the Heart Is (B. Letts)
If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home by Now (S. T. Loh)
Festival of Fire Season (E. Bache)
Waiting To Exhale (T. McMillan)
Beloved(T. Morrison)2 copies (+LL)
The Bluest Eye(T. Morrison) 1 copies (+LL)
Jazz (T. Morrison)
Paradise (T. Morrison)
Song of Solomon (T. Morrison)
Lust & Other Stories(S. Minot)
Secrets, Short Stories (L. Newman)
A Closer Look at Ariel:A Memory of Sylvia Plath (N. Steiner)
Beauty(S. Tepper)
Feminist Fairy Tales (B. Walker)
Possessing the Secret of Joy (A. Walker)
In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens(A. Walker) (+LL)
Voices - Canadian Writers of African Descent (A. Black)
Paper Bag Princess, The (R. Munsch)
The Madness of a Seduced Woman(S. Schaeffer)
The Golden Notebook(D. Lessing) (+LL)
A Woman of Independent Means(E. Hailey)
Julie of the Wolves (J.C. George)
Heather Has Two Mommies (L. Newman)
Island of the Blue Dolphins (S. O'Dell)
Firegirl(G. Rich)
I'm Like Me(S. Widerberg)(children's book)

Marriage and the Family

Rethinking the Family(B. Thorne, M. Yalom) (+LL)
You Just Don't Understand(D. Tannen) 2copies (+LL)
When You and Your Mother Can't Be Friends (V. Secunda)
The Mother Book(L. Smith)
And I Don’t Want to Live This Life (D. Spungen)
Measure of Our Success, The (M. Edelman)
Boys Will Be Boys(M. Miedzian)2 copies
The Dynamics of Sex and Gender: A SociologicalPerspective(L. Walum) (+LL)
Sex Role Socialization(L. Weitzman)
Choices: A Teen Woman's Journal for Self?awareness and Personal Planning(M. Bingham, J. Edmondson, S. Stryker)
Girl Power:Young Women Speak Out (H. Carlip)
School Girls (P. Orenstein)
Reviving Ophelia (M. Pipher)
The Challenge of Being Single(M. Edwards, E. Hoover)
In Love and In Danger (B. Levy)
Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives (L. Schlessinger)
Getting Away with Murder (R. Felder, B. Victor)
Creative Divorce(M. Krantzler) (+LL)
The Liberated Man(W. Farrell) (+LL)


Women as Healers(H. Bourdillion)
AIDS and Its Metaphors(S. Sontag)
Body & Soul (L. Villarosa)
Headlines in Women’s Health 1996 (J. Hansen)
Headlines in Women’s Health 1997 (S. Harrar)
Women’s Health for Dummies (P. Maraldo)
The New Our Bodies, Our Selves(The Boston Women'sHealth Book Collection) (+LL)
Women's Health & Medical Guide
Women’s Health Today 1998 (S. Harrar)
Like Mother, Like Daughter (D. Waterhouse)
Grieving:A Love Story (R.Coughlin)
The Psychopathology of Everyday Racism & Sexism(L. Fulani)
Women's Burnout(H. Freudenberger, G. North)
Women & Therapy: A Woman's Recovery from the Traumaof War(E. Rothblum, E. Cole, Eds)
Women & Therapy:Women, Girls & Psychotherapy:Reframing Resistance (C. Gilligan, A. Rogers, D. Tolman)
Sisters of the Yam:Black Women and Self-Recovery (B. Hooks)
Diversity and Complexity in Feminist Therapy (L. Brown, M. Root)
Fat is a Feminist Issue(S. Orbach)
Fat is a Family Affair (J. Hollis)
Surviving an Eating Disorder (M. Siegel, J. Brisman, M. Weinshel)
A Hunger So Wide and So Deep, (B. Thompson)
Betrayal of Innocence: Incest and its Devastation(S.Forward, G.Buck)
Codependent No More(M. Beattie) 2 copies
Walking Victims:Understanding and Treating Abused Women who Repeat theCycle (A. Mayer)
A Positive Life (R. Huston)
Women & AIDS(D. Richardson)
The Relaxation Response(H. Benson) (+LL)
Beyond Codependency and Getting Better All the Time (M. Beattie)
The Woman in the Body(E. Martin)
Understanding Your Body (Stewart,Guest,Stewart,Hatcher)
Vaginal Politics (E. Frankfort)
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (C. Northrup)
Women As Wombs (J. Raymond)
It’s Your Choice (R. Hatcher)
PMS: What It Is and What You Can Do About It (S. Sneed, J. McIlhaney, Jr.)
Menopause and the Years Ahead (M. Beard, L. Curtis)
Menopause, Naturally (Updated) (S. Greenwood)
The Pregnancy After 30 Workbook(G. Brewer)
Two Births(J. Brown, E. Lesser, S. Mines)
You Can Breastfeed Your Baby...Even in Special Situations(D. Brewster)
No Fat Chicks (T. Poulton)


Being a Man(D. Bell)
Iron John(R. Bly)
Manhood in America (M. Kimmel)
Men's Lives(M. Kimmel, M. Messner) 2 copies
Men’s Lives (4th ed.) (M. Kimmel, M. Messner
Fire in the Belly (S. Keen)


Ladies First:Women in Music Videos (R. Roberts) (video available)
Joan Baez(H. Garza)
Diana Ross (L. Itzkowitz)
Dolly Parton: Country Goin' to Town(S. Saunders)(+RSL)
Diana Ross: Star Supreme(J. Haskins) (+RSL)


Composing a Life(M. Bateson)

Polictical Science and Law

One Half The People (A.F. Scott, A.M. Scott)
Women Win the Vote (B. Smith)
The Criminalization of a Woman's Body (C. Feinman)
Everyday Death:The Case of Bernadette Powell (A. Jones)
Confronting Authority (D. Bell)
Married Women v. Husbands' Names(U. Stannard)
Real Rape(S. Estrich) (+LL)


The Language of Feelings (D. Viscott)
Letters from Motherless Daughters (H. Edelman)
They Used to Call Me Snow White...But I Drifted (R. Barreca)
Pathfinders (G. Sheehy)
You Can Get There from Here (D. Browne)
The Longest War:Sex Differences in Perspective (Tavris/Wade) (+LL)
Body Wars: Making Peace with Women’s Bodies (M. Maine)
Revolution from Within (G. Steinem) 2 copies


Women in Science: Portraits from a World in Transition(V. Gornick) (+LL)
Women of Science:Righting the Record (G. Kass-Simon, P. Farnes)
Women in Mathematics (L. Osen)
A Feeling for the Organism:The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock, E. F. Keller
Breasts (G. Yagyu)
Science and Gender(R. Bleier) (+LL)
The Wise Wound: Myths, Realities, and Meanings of Menstruation(P. Shuttle, P. Redgrove)
Red Flower: Rethinking Menstruation(D. Taylor)

Sex Roles

Changing Boundaries(E. Allgeier, N. McCormick)
The Sociology of Gender(L. Davidson, L. Gordon)
The Chalice and the Blade (R. Eisler)
Face to Face(M. Murray)
Women and Men in Society(C. O'Kelly) (+LL)
Sex and Gender in Society (J. Stockard, M. Johnson)
Sex Roles(S. Weitz) (+LL)
Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender, and Culture (J. Wood)


My American History (S. Schulman)W. Heibert) (+LL)
Sex, Man & Society(A. Montagu) (+LL)
Sex Is Not A Natural Act & Other Essays (L. Tiefer)
I Never Told Anyone(E. Bass, L. Thornton) (+LL)
Recollecting Our Lives(P. Sleeth, J. Barnsley)
My Very Own Book About Me! (J. Stowell & M. Dietzel)
Dancing with Daddy (B. Petersen)
Inventing Ourselves: Lesbian Life Stories(M. Solomon)
The Accidental Activist (C. Gingrich)
Lesbian Lists(D. Richards)
Invisible Lives(M. Barrett)
Women?Identified Women(T. Darty, S. Potter)
Lesbians Over 60 Speak for Themselves (M. Kehoe)
The Lesbian Erotic Dance (J. Loulan)
Homophobia:A Weapon of Sexism (S. Pharr)
The Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem Book (K. Hardin)
Now That You Know(B. Fairchild, N. Hayward)
Radical Records-30 Years of Lesbian and Bisexual History (B. Cant & C. Wilson)
In Search of Gay America(N. Miller)
Letters to Ms. 19732?1987(M. Thom)


Women Artists: 1550?1950(A. S. Harris, L. Nochlin)
America's Working Women(R. Baxandall, L. Gordon, S. Reverby)
The Endless Day: The Political Economy of Women and Work(B. Berch)
Talking from 9 to 5 (D. Tannen)
Women, Men, and Power (H.Lips)
Gender and Communication(J. Pearson) (+LL)
Reasonable Creatures (K. Pollitt)
When Abortion was a Crime (L. Reagan)


United States Women in Aviation 1940-1985 (D. Douglas)
Jacqueline Cochran: First Lady of Flight(M. Fisher)
Dorothea Lange: Life through the Camera (M. Meltzer)(+LL)
Hope in a Jar (K. Peiss)
Fed Up! The Food Forces that Make You Fat, Sick and Poor (B. Silverstein)


When God Was a Woman (M. Stone)
Laughter of Aphrodite (C. Christ)
The Womanspirit Sourcebook (P. Wynne)
Sacred Dimensions of Women's Experience (E. Gray)
The Church and the Second Sex(M. Daly)
Women of Spirit(R. Ruether, E. McLaughlin) 2 copies
Keeping the Faith (M. Fortune)
The Language of Letting Go (M. Beattie)
Menopause:Help and Hope for this Passage (S. Conway)
Mother Teresa: Sister to the Poor (P. Giff) (+RSL)
Holy Anorexia (R. Bell)
No Turning Back(B. Ferraro, P. Hussey, J. O'Reilly

**There are several other articles/magazines/publications in the Women's Center library .Please check the shelves and discover them for yourself.