Payroll Facts

employee self service

Employees at Shippensburg are paid on an after-the-fact basis. Paychecks are issued biweekly and are distributed through campus mail. 

DIRECT DEPOSIT of paychecks is available to either the PA State Employees Credit Union or your current financial institution.

CREDIT UNION MEMBERSHIP is available for employees of the University and their family members.

U. S. SAVINGS BONDS may be purchased through payroll deductions. These are Series EE bonds and you may purchase more than one bond per pay. Savings bonds may be purchased for educational purposes.

DEFERRED COMPENSATION deductions are a way for employees to reduce their present taxable income. The State System has a deferred compensation plan through the H. C. Copeland Company. If you are interested in this program, you may call the Compeland Company at (800) 422-1327.

TAX-SHELTERED ANNUITIES are another way for employees to reduce their present taxable income. The State System of Higher Education recognizes approximately 165 companies and their addresses are available in the Human Resources Office. There is a maximum allowable contribution that an employee may make per year to a tax shelter. Factors affecting this amount include the retirement plan an employee elects to join, an employee's annual salary and the number of years that the employee has been employed by SSHE or the PA Department of Education. The TIAA-CREF Company has provided us with a software package that is used to calculate an employee's maximum contribution. If you are interested in having a calculation performed, please contact Carole Gardner in the Human Resources Office.

Forms for these deductions are available in the Human Resources Office, Room 109 Old Main. You may stop by to pick up forms, or you may call Ext. 3109 to request that forms be mailed to you.


To help you understand your new earnings statement, we have listed below some of the most frequently used abbreviations and their descriptions.

If you do not understand one or more of theses abbreviations, or if you have a different abbreviation appear on your earnings statement and need an explanation, please do not hesitate to contact Carole Gardner (EXT. 3109) or Beth Frey (EXT. 3107) in the Human Resources Office.


FICA - Social Security - (.062)

MEDICARE - Medicare - (.0145)

FED W/H - Federal Withholding Tax - depends on filing status

PA W/H - State Withholding Tax - (.028)

21806-WAGE - Local Wage Tax - (.01)

21923-OPT - Emergency Medical Services Tax $52.00

PA UNEMPL - PA Unemployment Tax - (.0003)

SERS - State Employees Retirement - (.05)

TIAA CREF - TIAA CREF Retirement - (.05)

PSERS - Public School Employees Retirement - (.0525)

UNDU/FRSH - Union Dues - (.01) - or Fair Share Deduction - (.0091)

ANN GIVING - University Foundation Deduction

BANK CT OD - Bank Court Order

DEFCOMP - Deferred Compensation

DOM REL/CO - Domestic Relations

IRS LEVY - IRS Deduction

LTD - Long Term Disability Insurance

SAVING DP - PA State Employees Credit Union Deduction

SECA - State Employees Combined Appeal

SUPP LF INS - Supplemental Life Insurance

TAX COLLEC - Tax Collector

TSA - Tax Sheltered Annuity

VOL LIFE - Voluntary Life Insurance

1st BOND - U. S. Savings Bond Deduction