Earth and Space Science

Shippensburg University offers a Bachelor of Science Education (BSEd) degree in Earth and Space Science. This undergraduate program provides you with an opportunity to teach science at the middle school, junior high, and senior high levels. With science teachers becoming more difficult to find, the combined background of earth science, general science, and environmental education, found in Shippensburg’s program, enables the earth-science major to be very competitive in the job market. Past graduates have been very successful in obtaining jobs in their field.

Spatial analysis is extremely important in earth and space science education. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used at all educational levels to portray and analyze data. A variety of courses, such as GIS and cartography are available from the Department of Geography-Earth Science, with additional programming courses offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Majors take courses in earth science, geography, and a variety of natural sciences including biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and mathematics. You can also combine courses to earn certification in general science and environmental education.

The primary career choice is teaching at the middle school, junior high, or senior high level. Opportunities are also available in business, government, and consulting. Internships play a major role in helping our graduates choose a career and learn the skills they'll need to prepare for teaching.

Our students develop a background in geology, meteorology, and oceanography. Earth-space science education graduates teach courses in earth science, general science, environmental science, and often coordinate school district environmental education programs.

The average salary for Earth and Space Science teachers in PA is $45,000.

The high school college-preparatory program should provide the basic foundation for majoring in earth science. A good background in the natural sciences, social sciences, and well-developed communication skills will be of great value. Work experience in any area of the environmental sciences is desirable.

Students pursuing a BSEd in Earth and Space Science at Ship complete 48 credits of general education, in which they receive a background in:

  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Natural sciences
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • English
  • Communication skills

Three student organizations are available to all geography majors:

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