Academic Success Program (ASP)

The Academic Success Program is a great way to begin your education at Shippensburg University in a supportive environment aimed at academic excellence.

Summer Bridge Program 2020 begins Monday, July 6 and runs through Friday, July 31.

Mission Statement

To provide access and support to under-prepared students who have the potential to succeed in higher education. ASP strives to develop and maintain a comprehensive academic co-curricular support system for the purpose of enhancing student persistence toward graduation.


It is the philosophy of the program that students who are admitted into the program have the motivation, desire and the potential to successfully complete the requirements to graduate. As a result, the program's efforts continue to be geared towards skill development and enhancement, awareness of and linkage to campus and community resources that will assist students in reaching their goals of obtaining post-secondary degrees and gainful employment.

Program Goals

  • Provide access to higher education for students who would not be admitted to the university using regular admission criteria (grades and aptitude test scores).
  • Coordinate a summer experience program designed to determine college readiness of students who do not meet regular admission criteria.
  • Provide an ongoing, holistic support system that will enable ASP students to overcome academic, social, cultural, and financial barriers to be successful in college and beyond. 
  • Support the persistence and graduation rates of ASP students.
  • Integrate the Academic Success Program into the culture of the University.