MBA Program


Joseph B. Beck, Ph.D.,
University of California, Irvine.  Strategy.  Research Interests: Corporate Governance; Corporate Strategy; Dynamic Capabilities.  Past Reviewer for Strategic Management Journal and Southern Management Conference.

Wendy S. Becker, Ph.D.
The Pennsylvania State University. Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Research interests: industrial-organizational psychology, qualitative research methods, ethics and sustainability. MBA courses: Human Resource Development, Leadership and Organizational Behavior.

Jerry Carbo, JD/Ph.D.,

JD - The Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University, PhD Cornell University's  School of Industrial and Labor Relations.   Research interests - Socially Sustainable Business Practices, Workplace Bullying, Labor Revitalization.  Teaches Ethics and Sustainability in the MBA program.

Joseph Catanio, Ph.D.,
New Jersey Institute of Technology. Management Information Systems. Research and Teaching Interests: Business Systems Analysis and Design, Project Management, Management Information Systems, Information Analysis, Information Technology and Business Operations, Business Programming.

Azim Danesh, Ph,D,
Temple University, Computer and Information Sciences.  Professor of Management Information Systems. Research and Teaching Areas: Information Technology and Business Process Redesign, Database Design, Telecommunications and Electronic Commerce.

Viet Dao, Ph.D., 
University of Oklahoma. Management Information Systems. Research interests: IT and Innovation Management, Business Value of IT, IT and Sustainability.

Louise Hatfield, Ph.D.,
Virginia Commonwealth University. Strategic Management, Leadership, Change Management. Research Interests: Strategic Management, Leadership, Change Management, New Venture Creation and Management.

David Hwang, Ph.D., 
University of Toledo.  Manufacturing and Technology Management. Research interest: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, information technology (ERP systems), and operations strategy.

Ian M. Langella, Ph.D.,
University of Magdeburg, Germany.  Supply Chain Management and Business Operations and Analysis.  Research Interests: Sustainable and Responsible Global Supply Chain Management.

James Jay Mackie, Ph.D.,
Texas A&M University. Managerial Accounting; Essentials of Accounting and Finance. 
Research interests: Strategic cost management, Healthcare Finance and cost management, and accounting information and technology.

Shelley Morrisette, Ph.D.,
University of Mississippi. Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Management. Research Interests: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy.

Robert Neidigh, Ph.D.,
The Pennsylvania State University. Supply Chain Management. Research Interests: Production Scheduling, Quality, and Optimization.

William D. Oberman, Ph.D.,
University of Pittsburgh. Leadership, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Ethics, Business & Society. Research Interests: Corporate Public Affairs & Political Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Network Analysis, Resource-Based View of the Firm.

Robert Setaputra, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Operations Management. Research Interests: Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Operations - Marketing Interface.

Robert D. Stephens, Ph.D.,
Indiana University. International Business, European Business Environment. Research Interests: International Strategic Alliances, Organizational Commitment, International Management Strategy.

Vicki Fairbanks Taylor, Ph.D., 
Temple University (2005).  Human Resource Management, Compensation, Training & Development, Leadership, Organizational Behavior.  Research Interests: Organizational Culture, Interviewing, Employee Discipline, Management Education.