Rowland Hall 


rowland hall 14

Rowland Hall is the home of the Department of Communication and Journalism and one of the first buildings visitors see coming onto campus. Located near Old Main, Rowland Hall is a historic part of campus originally acting as the campus lab for the elementary education program at Shippensburg University. The building allowed university students majoring in education to observe and teach elementary students in the Shippensburg Area School District. Today, Rowland Hall acts as one of the primary locations for curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Each classroom in the Communication / Journalism department has a smartcart with internet, video, audio and the most recent hardware & software available. The presentation technology available to faculty and students is state of the art, and provides a unique and stimulating learning environment. In addition, the Rowland Hall has two computer labs. 

pc1 pc2

PC lab is located in Rowland Hall 202

mac1 mac2

Mac lab is located in Rowland Hall 201