NTSO logo (good) Non-Traditional Student Organization at Shippensburg University

The Nontraditional Student Organization (NTSO) is for adult students who are older than traditional freshmen, who have had a break in their formal learning experience and now are returning to the university or entering the university for the first time. Any undergraduate, full-time, part-time, or extended studies students registered at Shippensburg University is considered a member of this organization.

The NTSO has proven to be a strong support system for adult students. The organization encourages active participation through the board and corresponding committees.  Meeting times are held biweekly as decided by the board members, and can be found on the NTS Programming webpage. Input from current members helps direct the focus of the educational and social programs offered each year. The NTSO Constitution provides detailed descriptions of each position and the goals of the organization.  If you are interested in getting involved, please email ntso@ship.edu for opportunities to serve.

A Message from the Non-Traditional Student Organization President