Computer Graphics

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This is an interdisciplinary concentration that combines graphics courses in our department with courses from other disciplines that require intensive computer graphics software. The computer science courses focus on programming a graphics API and the underlying algorithms, and the interdisciplinary courses focus on the application of these skills to a related field (e.g., professional art programs and geoinformation systems). Identified skills for students in this concentration include:

  • The ability to solve difficult problems and implement solutions to those problems
  • Experience working together as a team
  • Learning aesthetic and graphic design principles within both a 2D and 3D environment
  • Understanding of basic computer graphic algorithms (e.g.  basic animation techniques, z-buffering, double buffering, raster manipulation, shading models, ray tracing, hidden surface removal, rasterization techniques, projection, transformations, etc.)
  • Strengthening C programming skills

The Undergraduate Catalog details specifics about course requirements and sequencing.