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Academic Calendar

Please visit to view the academic calendar. Additional dates and deadlines are available in the "Semester Information" link on this page. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at ext. 1381.

Application for Graduation

The application deadline for December and January Graduation is Friday, August 1, 2014. Once received, these applications will be reviewed by the appropriate academic dean's office. This process will require approximately 8 weeks after the due date for applications. For more information, please visit

Early Warning Grades

Early Warning Grades (EWGs) for the fall 2014 semester are now available for you to view.  Please follow the instructions below to access this information.    

NOTE:  Since we are working with multiple semesters, if you encounter issues, it may be necessary for you to change the Term Selection on the Faculty Services tab if you are not accessing information for spring 2014.   

Faculty and staff may review EWGs per student by doing the following.   

  1.  Log in to myShip
  2.  Click on Faculty tab and select Tools
  3.  Click on Select a Student
  4.  Look up student in question. 
  5.  Click on Student Information menu. 
  6.  Click on Active Registration link.   

Faculty and staff may review EWGs per course by doing the following.   

  1. Log in to myShip
  2. Click on Faculty tab and select Tools
  3. Click on Select a Section
  4. Enter CRN and Submit
  5. Click on Faculty Grade Summary.   

Advisors may access grades for their advisees by doing the following.   

  1. Log in to myShip
  2. Click on Faculty tab and select Tools
  3. Click on Advisee Grade Summary.   

Students have been sent an e-mail, alerting them to the fact that their EWGs are available.  If you receive any questions, students may access their grades by doing the following.   

  1. Log in to myShip
  2. Click on Student tab. 
  3. Click on My Academics.
  4. Under Student Grades, select "Mid-Term Grades"
  5. Select the term for which you would like to view any grades that have been submitted - Fall 2014
  6. Click on Submit.     

Last Day to Change Major into High-Demand Programs

Students may declare or change a major any time except for during scheduling, which includes schedule clean-up and the two weeks prior to scheduling. For the spring semester, changes will be accepted until Monday, September 15th. Any changes submitted after this date will not be processed until scheduling is complete. Students who wish to declare a major in a high-demand program must submit their request within the first three weeks of the semester in order to be considered. The following programs are currently identified as high-demand: Biology, Pre-K - 4 and 4-8 Education programs, Communications/Journalism, Criminal Justice and Psychology. Students declaring other majors should submit requests during this period to allow them to be processed before scheduling for the next semester.

Last Day to Withdraw with "W" Grade

After schedule adjustment, all students, except first-semester freshmen, may withdraw from classes with "W" grades through myShip.  First-semester freshmen must contact their dean’s office to explore their options for withdrawing from a class.  Students will be able to withdraw from all but their final class.   All undergraduate students must personally visit their academic dean's office to process a withdrawal from their final class.  All graduate students must contact the Registrar's Office to process a withdrawal from their final class. 

To withdraw from a class, please follow these instructions:  

  1. Log in to myShip portal.
  2. Click on My Academics from the Student drop down menu.
  3. Click on Add or Drop Classes link under the Registration Tools heading.
  4. If prompted, select current registration term.
  5. Click on the Action drop-down menu for the CRN (course reference number) from which you want to withdraw.
  6. Select Course Withdrawal Through Web.
  7. Select Submit Changes to submit your withdrawal.
  8. If your submission was successful, status for course should indicate Course Withdrawal through WEB on (date you submitted withdrawal).

The deadline to withdraw from a class or the University and receive a "W" grade is as follows for each part of term (POT):

POT 1 (Full Term)        Course Dates Aug. 25-Dec. 12        WD Deadline - Nov. 3
POT 2                         Course Dates Sept. 8-Dec. 7          WD Deadline - Nov. 5
POT 3                         Course Dates Aug. 18-Oct. 12        WD Deadline - Sept. 23
POT 4                         Course Dates Oct. 15-Dec. 14        WD Deadline - Nov. 25
POT 5                         Course Dates Sept. 2-Oct. 12         WD Deadline - Sept. 29
POT 6                         Course Dates Oct. 13-Nov. 23         WD Deadline - Nov. 7
POT 7                         Course Dates Aug. 25-Oct. 19        WD Deadline - Sept. 30
POT 8                         Course Dates Oct. 20-Dec. 14         WD Deadline - Nov. 25
POT 9                         Course Dates Sept. 6-Dec. 14         WD Deadline - Nov. 14
POT 10                       Course Dates Sept. 6-Dec. 7           WD Deadline - Nov. 11   

NOTE OF CAUTION:  Before withdrawing from a class, careful thought should be given to the possible consequences.  Withdrawals may have a negative impact on your progress toward graduation, your eligibility for financial aid, and your health insurance coverage.  If you are unsure or have any concerns, you should consult with your academic advisor with questions about your progress toward graduation, the financial aid office with questions about any financial aid you may have, and your health care provider for any potential changes to health coverage.  

Students are responsible for any class(es) appearing on their schedule.

NOTE: After the schedule adjustment period, NO REFUNDS will be given for any withdrawn courses. Charges will not be reduced for classes withdrawn with a "W" grade. 

Spring Graduate Scheduling

Graduate scheduling for spring 2015 opens October 20th. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the registrar's office for assistance.  To schedule, log into MyShip at Please visit for additional information on preparing to schedule.

Spring Undergraduate Scheduling

Undergraduate scheduling for spring 2015 opens October 27. To view your registration days and schedule your spring classes, log into MyShip at 

Please visit for additional information on preparing to schedule. Scheduling will end Monday, November 17th. Schedule clean-up for spring will be held December 1-12.  

Incoming freshmen and transfer students for the spring 2015 semester will be scheduled prior to the start of the semester. Schedules will be available online before the semester begins. 

Winter Scheduling

Scheduling for Winter Term 2014 begins as follows:

  • Graduate - October 20
  • Undergraduate - October 27 (or your start time)
  • Undergraduate Non-Degree - November 18

To view your registration days and schedule winter classes, log into the myShip portal and select "Winter 2014".  For additional information, please visit