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Imagine the college experience. You're leaving home for the first time to pursue your passions. How are you feeling? Excited? Nervous? Overwhelmed? Lonely? Ready to give it your all? College is a major life transition, and students experience all these feelings and more.

Now imagine the college experience again, except this time, you're joining a small community of people who are excited about the same things you are. This community is built from people who are all living on the same floor and working together to support each other through their shared experience. Imagine building lifelong friendships and sharing classes, activities, social events, and more. Imagine having opportunities to hear interesting speakers present on your shared passions, or to develop real, one-on-one relationships with your professors. What would that college experience be like?

Enter the Living Learning Community (LLC): a group of students who live on the same floor and share common academic or social interests. In your LLC, you'll build new relationships with other students, faculty, and staff, while concentrating on your personal passions. Students live together by majors, such as first year biology students, or business majors, and LLCs are also created around lifestyle interests, such as engaging service and healthy living.

In your LLC, you'll also enjoy benefits such as simplified scheduling, living in suite-style housing custom designed for LLCs, and the ability to choose your roommates.

Ready to be part of an instant support network from the moment you move on campus? Join a Living Learning Community today! Explore the links below to help you get started. If you still have questions about the LLCs, please contact Jason Barauskas, Assistant Director of Residential Education, at or (717) 477-1905.

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