Residence Hall Programs

Five Priorities of the Department

Academic Success

The Office of Housing & Residence Life’s primary goal is to support students in their academic pursuits. We accomplish this by providing a living environment that offers residents convenient access to faculty, classrooms, libraries, computer labs, study lounges, and more. Our staff also conduct outreach to residents to ensure that they are attending classes and are utilizing campus resources. We also provide a living environment that is friendly, quiet, and conducive for academic purposes. This is all done in an effort to retain and graduate students with a Shippensburg University degree and in good academic standing.


The Office of Housing & Residence Life provides multiple security measures to ensure the safety of students. While students live in our various residence halls, there are multiple security policies to maintain the safety of students. Our staff are trained on university policies and complete consistent community walks of the halls every day. Our residence halls are in close proximity to the Shippensburg University Police Department and we regularly collaborate to ensure fire safety and security. We also focus on educating our residents on safety, ethical decision-making, policy, law, and what it means to be a Shippensburg student. Should an emergency arise, a staff member is on call 24-hours-a-day, seven days a-week.


The Office of Housing & Residence Life believes students should be engaged in activities, events, culture, news and current issues at Shippensburg University. Within the residence halls, students should be contributing members that create a positive environment for Ship student success. Residence Life staff should not only encourage residents to become active members of the Ship community, but also should role model what it means to be a civically engaged students. This can be done by connecting students to opportunities such as Hall Council, Housing Ambassadors, Desk Assistants, Living and Learning Communities, and other campus organizations. Residence Life staff can passively provide information regarding current events, activities, campus news, and service opportunities for students that will help them develop a personal connection and commitment to the University.

Social Justice and Inclusion

Inclusion begins with the respectful consideration of viewpoints and in recognition of biases that we hold within ourselves. It includes noticing which voices are silent in conversations and which voices are not present and intentionally providing safe spaces for those viewpoints to be shared. Inclusion starts with the selection of our residence life staff and ensuring just opportunities and representation, in order to create a living learning environment that promotes physical, psychological, and emotional security. Regardless of individual intention, impact matters, and the Office of Housing & Residence Life at Shippensburg University is committed to providing safe spaces for students and staff to continue to grow in their inclusivity.

Personal Development

The Office of Housing and Residence Life is committed to students’ social, interpersonal, intrapersonal, professional, and emotional growth. We encourage students to explore their individual passions, endeavors, and identities. Our staff members are caring, diverse, motivated, well-trained, ethical, and are dedicated to their own intellectual growth. Residents will learn skills that will benefit them in their careers and as members of their future communities.

Community Development

Intentional Interactions

Housing & Residence Life has adopted a new community development model that is focused heavily on 1-1 interactions between resident assistants and residents. Throughout the academic year, resident assistants will follow up with residents on their experience at Shippensburg University and connect residents to resources that they need.

Campus Collaborators

Campus Collaborators are designed to allow the Housing & Residence Life staff to collaborate with other departments on campus (for example: The Women’s Center, MSA, The Office of Social Equity & Inclusion) and spread awareness about specific topics as it relates to (1) identity (2) mattering and marginality (3) underrepresented populations, and more!  These interactive programs take place throughout the school year to educate students about the diverse population in which they live.

Weekend Programs

Several weekend programs are sponsored throughout the year. These late night programs generally run from 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. These programs offer food, games, dances, and prizes. The goal of the weekend program is to provide a late night, fun program for our students. Each residence hall is responsible for planning one weekend program that is open to the campus per year.

Previous weekend programs included game shows, dances, casino nights, and a haunted house.

RD Priority Programs

Each Residence Director will host 6 RD programs a year based off of the 5 Priorities of the department (Academic Success, Safety, Engagement, Social Justice & Inclusion, and Personal Development). They will be conducted within the residence halls and the goal of these programs is to provide co-curricular opportunities for residents on campus.

Residence Hall Association
RHA is a governing and programming board that represents residential students. Members of RHA are those that hold executive positions in their individual Hall Councils and come together as a collective body.