Returning and/or Graduate Student Housing Instructions

Good News!  Housing is still available.

To be eligible to participate in Room Selection Process 2018-19, a student must sign the 2018-2019 Housing Agreement and pay the $200 deposit.

Completing Housing

Step 1 
Confirm Housing   

Go into the MyHousing portal.  From MyShip select Student, Ship Life, Connect to MyHousing
Select the Housing Agreement tab at the top of the page.

Complete the:

2018-2019 Returning-Graduate Student Housing Agreement
You will see the payment screen to deposit $200. The payment can be paid via credit card or eCheck) or student may come to the Student Accounts Office in Old Mail 100 to pay by cash, paper check, or money order. Please do not mail a check or money order separately as the student must process the paper agreement with the payment.  If the 2018-2019 Returning/Graduate Student Housing Agreement does not appear.  Email to request one. 

Fall 2018 One Semester Housing Agreement
Students may request a special Fall 2018 One Semester Agreement if they plan to graduate in December, study abroad, or student teach during the Spring 2018 semester.  This is for students who do not plan to reside in university housing during the spring semester. 

Students who plan to study abroad in the fall semester can request a Spring 2019 housing agreement in October of 2018 by contacting the Housing Office.  If approved students must come to Housing and Residence Life Office in McLean Hall Room 113 to sign the special agreement.

Roommate and Room Selection
Shortly (24-48 hours) after confirming your housing you will be added to the room selection process.

Step 2

Roommate Selection - After confirming housing you will receive an email at your Ship email account with further instruction and RoomSync information and a link.  Use this link to go to RoomSync a Facebook application that allows students to use criteria to find compatible roommates.  Once you determine who you would like to live with mutually match each other in the MyHousing portal. 

Step 3

Select a room.  Students can select rooms in one of two ways. 

1)  Use the room selection button in the portal to filter and find available non-Living Learning Community rooms.  The first of the matching roommates to select the room will pull the other roommate into the room.  Students will only see rooms that will accommodate all matching roommates.

2)  Select a room in a Living Learning Community (LLC) by completing the LLC application

Returning/Graduate Students wishing to live with Incoming Students - For a Non-LLC suite the returning student should contact the housing office by email at: when they select a room to hold the vacancy for the new student.  After the new student confirms by signing the housing agreement and paying the $200 he/she should email the requesting the returning student and the room being held.  However, if the students would like to live in an LLC the returning student can list the incoming student on the application. 

Please note:  Incoming freshman will begin choosing non-llc rooms on March 12, 2018.  The Housing Office would like to finalize returning student assignments before the incoming students begin non-llc selections.  You will be emailed confirming your assignment.  If you do not notify the Housing Office of any changes you will be asked to stay where assigned until the second week of classes in the fall when room changes will be allowed again. The Housing Office strives to meet student preferences, but it is not guaranteed. Please check your MyHousing portal periodically to review your assignment and roommate information.