Duplicating & Printing

The University Print Shop manages an average of a half-million impressions each month on the university copiers and printing presses. The team of two craftsmen and one bindery worker provide the following services:

  1. Routine Black and White Duplication
  2. Color Duplication
  3. Printing (including full-color process)
  4. Binding (thermal bind, spiral comb and wire)
  5. Mailing Services (printing address directly onto your direct mail piece)
  6. Tabbing
  7. Self-service copier (.01 per copy charged back to your cost center)

Tips for Achieving Highest Quality Copies

  • Line art and text documents can be scanned for duplication.
  • Documents containing photos and screens should be submitted electronically via e-mail for a much higher quality print.  E-mail your file to printshop@ship.edu as an attachment along with the duplicating or color copy request form.
  • Microsoft Word will often print e-mail and web addresses in colored ink or screens that do not reproduce well. Change these to black in documents to be scanned or e-mail the file.
  • Formats accepted for duplication: Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint or pdf files.
  • JPEG files reproduce much better if placed into a document such as Publisher.
  • If you use fonts not included in the campus package files, save your file as a pdf.

Steps to Having Your Publication Labeled with Addresses

  • The Print Shop can print addresses on postcards and brochures, not envelopes.
  • Addresses should be sent in an Excel file to Denny Starliper (dlstar@ship.edu) to be sorted by zip code.
  • He will return the sorted Excel file to you to create a Word label file (5160 address labels) using mail merge.
  • E-mail the Word label file to printshop@ship.edu for labeling. Be sure to identify the printing project that should receive the labels.

Printing and Duplication Forms