Faculty Yearbook 2012

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at Shippensburg University is a dynamic group of students, faculty, and staff, committed to the study and advancement of mathematics and mathematics teaching. To learn more about the department's programs, give us a call at (717) 477-1431 or send an e-mail to math@ship.edu.

We have 16 full-time faculty members. There are over 120 mathematics majors pursuing mathematics degrees. Students may pursue a general mathematics program or choose to specialize in a concentration for applied mathematics, secondary education or statistics.  Our classrooms are equipped with a variety of technological resources including digital visual presenters and computer workstations.

Current faculty research interests are diverse and include algebra, logic, combinatorics, applied mathematics, statistics, analysis, and mathematics education. Our faculty members are actively involved in undergraduate research, the development of curriculum and educational materials, interdisciplinary research, community K-12 initiatives, and regional and national professional organizations. The University provides funding resources to support these activities.

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How do I get help with my math class? 

Step number 1: Visit the Getting Math Help page. 

How do I get an override to register for a math course?  

Fill out this Override Request Form.  The math department chair reviews all requests and places people as resources permit. 

A few of our favorite math activities

  • Weekly department seminar 
  • Math Club (MAA Student Chapter) and Kappa Mu Epsilon Honor Fraternity 
  • SIAM Student Chapter 
  • Annual Undergraduate Math Conference
  • Annual Math/Computer Day 
  • Problem Solving Competition 
  • Putnam competition
  • Cumberland Valley Math Modeling Challenge 
  • COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)

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