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Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 9:15pm
Friday: 7:30am - 4pm 

Data Projectors  

If your department or office is in need of a data projector to keep on hand, before you spend your department money on a new projector, contact Media Services (x1646).  We have quite a few excellent, tested and working Panasonic LCD projectors that we have reclaimed from Tech Fee renewals.  We will be glad to issue you one of these on a long-term loan. 


New Video Conferencing Rooms 

There are three new video conferencing rooms available for use in the library.  Rooms are reserved through the Dean's office at Ezra Lehman Library.  Any questions, contact Media Services. 

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 Welcome to Media Services!



Media Services mission is to provide faculty, students, and administration with an effective and efficient source of classroom media equipment, media software generation, media planning and procurement, distance learning, and teleconferencing. Media Services is an academic support office, part of the Division of Instructional Technologies and Services, reporting through the Dean of Library and Media Services. Personnel include one full-time faculty member, two full-time staff members, one part-time staff member and a pool of graduate and undergraduate students.


Audio-Visual Grove Hall 008 - x1646 
Video, Graphics, Photo Grove Hall 008 - x1647  
Distance Education Room Grove Hall 006 - x1659  
Television Studio Grove Hall 004 


Student Workers

  •  Videoconferencing GA's : Kelsey Hess & Jillian Gibboney
  •  Undergraduate Students: Justan Banko, John Beck, Todd Dewalt,     
     Caitlyn Findley, Melissa Hare, Micah Metcalf, Merissa Scarr, Gabrielle Wesby