Accessibility Resources Forms and Resources

The Office of Accessibility Resources  provides you with a number of resources and forms for disability services on and off Ship's campus. Please review, print-out or complete as necessary.

At the start of each semester, as a student registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR), you should request a copy of your Accommodation Notification Form. The form does not disclose specific information related to your diagnosis but is designed to serve as notification to your professor(s) that you have registered with OAR and are eligible for academic accommodations that are outlined on the form. Once your request is processed by OAR, a copy of the Accommodation Notification Form will be sent to your Ship email address, after which it will be your responsibility to provide a copy of the form to your professor(s) prior to utilizing accommodations such as requesting extended test time, using adaptive technology in the classroom, etc.

Are you currently registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources as a student with a documented disability?

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The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) helps to coordinate and proctor exams to be taken in our testing suite for students who are eligible for extended test time and a distraction-reduced, alternate testing location. While OAR is happy to provide this service, we ask students to be responsible in following the procedures noted below so that we can preserve the integrity of exams and operate with better efficiency.

Schedule an exam appointment with the Office of Accessibility Resources.