2014 Winter Term Mascot Naming Contest

2014 Mascot Final

Meet the Winter Term Mascot … Shiver!  

320 votes were cast by students, faculty, and staff to select this name.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA, 17257
(717) 477-1502

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Please note: To withdraw from a Winter Course
please fill out the Withdrawal Form located HERE

List of 2014 Winter Online and Blended Classes

Click here to see the list of winter online classes.

Registration Dates

Students must check their myShip account for their spring term registration time ticket window. Registration for your winter courses begins at the same time as your spring time ticket. The dates below are general guidelines to the registration time ticket window:

Graduate Students – degree seeking and non-degree
Registration begins on October 20 through the end of the schedule adjustment period for the course(s) which you are registering for.

Undergraduate Students – degree seeking
Registration for courses begins on October 27 with your spring time ticket and remains open for winter courses thru the end of the schedule adjustment period for the course(s) which you are registering for. Please login to your myShip account for your registration time ticket. NOTE: Spring course registration is only available during your spring time ticket window.

FRESHMEN must have successfully completed 12 credits before registering for an online class and must have a 2.0 gpa before registering for an online class. 

Open Enrollment Period - Undergraduate Students - degree seeking and non-degree
Registration is open for all students beginning November 18 thru the end of the schedule adjustment period for the course(s) which you are registering for. This includes undergraduate degree seeking as well as undergraduate non-degree students.

Tuition and Fees

The total cost of each 3 credit 2014 winter online class is as follows. Registered students will receive an email in their Shippensubrg University email account from Student Accounts to view and pay their bill online. Detailed information on tuition and fees can be found at the Student Accounts website: http://www.ship.edu/Student_Accounts/Tuition_and_Fees/.

Total Cost of a 3 Credit (tuition plus fees)

Undergraduate – PA resident


Undergraduate – non-PA resident


Graduate – PA resident


Graduate – non-PA resident


Registration Information

Current students, visiting students, and others, are invited to register for online courses. Undergraduate students pursuing a degree at Shippensburg University must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) credits before registering for an online course and have a minimum 2.0 GPA before registering for an online course. In addition, such students may not repeat a previously failed course by taking it online at Shippensburg University.

Students can register for no more than two (2) online classes during each of the summer/winter terms. Students may register for a maximum of seven (7) credits during the winter. (Note: Students can register for no more than one (1) face-to-face class in Summer Term 3 since it is only 3 weeks in duration.)

CURRENT SHIPPENSBURG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: Current Shippensburg University students can register for online classes by logging into the MyShip portal at https://my.ship.edu using their Shippensburg University email address and password.

NON-DEGREE STUDENTS: Individuals may enroll in Shippensburg University classes without being a degree-seeking student as long as they meet the University’s academic requirements (as described in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs), have completed the prerequisite coursework for the particular course in which they would like to enroll, and are enrolling in a class that permits non-degree students to do so. Non-degree seeking individuals may enroll in an online class by following the directions at http://www.ship.edu/PCDE/NonDegree/.

Sign up on the Waitlist for a Winter Class

The ONLY way a student can sign-up on the waitlist for a winter online class is through myShip at https://my.ship.edu. Students CANNOT sign-up on the waitlist for a winter online class through the department, college, or the Office of Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education Studies (formerly known as Extended Studies).

To sign-up on the waitlist for a winter online class in Banner follow these directions:

  1. Login to the myShip portal https://my.ship.edu.
  2. Click on Student
  3. Click on Register
  4. Click on Add or Drop a Class
  5. Select Winter 2014 
  6. Select or search for the class you would like to register for
  7. If the class you would like to take is closed, it will be indicated by “C”. Take note of the CRN of that class.
  8. Manually enter this CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet
  9. Click on Submit Changes
  10. In the Action drop-down menu, select Waitlist
  11. Click on Submit Changes. You must click on the Submit Changes button to successfully submit your waitlist request.
  12. You will be notified by email if space becomes available in the class and you are being moved from the waitlist in to the class.

Drop a Winter Class

It is a student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from a course for which they have registered, whether or not they have ever attended that class. If a student does not attend class and does not officially withdraw, their name will remain on the class roll until the final grading period, they will receive a grade of "F" for the course, and they will be charged for the course. This applies to online and face-to-face classes alike.

Information on the refund and withdraw policies for the 2014 winter term is  posted at http://www.ship.edu/Student_Accounts/

Students Who Are Registered for TWO Winter Courses:
Students who are registered for two winter classes during winter term can drop all but their last class through MyShip at https://my.ship.edu. To drop their last winter class, students should complete the Withdraw Request Form

Students Who Are Registered for ONE Winter Online Course:
Students who are registered for one winter class during winter term can drop this class by completing the Withdraw Request Form.

* Withdraw from a Winter Term Class

Please complete the Withdrawal Request Form.