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As an incoming Transfer student, chances are you have been through an Orientation program before. You may even feel like going to another orientation program will just be a repeat of the last one, however, we want to make your first experience as a new Ship student as unique and helpful as possible. We are working on an individualized orientation program that speaks to the specific needs of Transfer students. Before orientation, please send in your transcripts so they can be evaluated and you can schedule your courses.

Here is what you can expect to find at Summer Orientation: 

  • Help with Registration and Scheduling issues: There will be staff available to assist you with getting your schedule just right.  Any issues or errors can be fixed with a visit to the RAFT room (Registration Area for Troubleshooting).  Also, don’t forget you can adjust your schedule when you come back in the fall. *Please remember to bring your transcripts if you haven’t already sent them!*
  • Valuable insight into the SHIP campus and community: There are many opportunities for SHIP students to become involved in, both on campus and within the community.  We have Academic based clubs, Arts and Leisure clubs, Social Media clubs, Multicultural organizations and Service clubs, just to name a few.  Most of our Orientation Leaders are involved in various activities and will be glad to talk more about how you can become involved.
  • A chance to connect with current and incoming SHIP students: Orientation is a great time to meet new people.  Yes it can be awkward at first, but making connections with other students can ease the transition to a new college. You will have the opportunity to talk to new students, just like you, as well as current students.

For incoming transfer students, we know housing is a major priority and on campus housing for transfer students specifically is still available. To find out more about the housing options, please contact the Housing Office at 717-477-1701. 

Just like college, Orientation is what you make of it! Listen, ask questions, talk to people and enjoy yourself! We’ll see you soon!

How many credits should I complete before transferring?

You may transfer at any time. However, if you transfer with less than 12 college-level credits, your admission will based upon your high school GPA, high school class rank and cumulative college GPA. If you transfer with more than 12 credits, the admission decision is based on your college GPA.

What courses can I take at a community college to transfer to Ship?

Courses from most community colleges will transfer. Before registering at another college, you should contact the Transfer Coordinator in the Office of Admissions who can assist you in selecting courses that will transfer toward your Bachelor's Degree.

How many credits can I transfer to Shippensburg University?

A minimum of 30 credits must be completed at Shippensburg University to be awarded a Bachelor's Degree. Typically, only those credits needed in the degree program will transfe

When will I know how many credits transfer?

After you are accepted, your transcripts are sent to the college that houses your major for final evaluation. You will receive a copy of your major curriculum and your transcript evaluation by mail from that college.

Do grades of 'D' transfer?

Only grades of 'C' or better transfer though some exceptions are made for students who qualify.  See the  PA Student Transfer Policy.

You will meet with an advisor during Orientation to register for your fall classes, only after you have confirmed through the Office of Admissions. In the fall, you will be assigned your advisor for future semesters.

You will register for your fall classes during the one-day Orientation in June. If you are not able to attend orientation or you confirm your admissions after Orientation, your major department will register you for 12 credits in your major; you will be allowed to schedule an additional course and adjust your schedule during the week before the start of the semester (during orientation/welcome week). Courses may also be added and/or dropped during the add/drop time period for the semester. With the aid of your advisor, you will schedule yourself for the following semester's courses.

Transfer students may live on or off campus, however, transfer students must have more than 30 transferable credits in order to live off campus.

Yes, provided the student athlete meets NCAA eligibility requirements.

Fall Welcome Week and Academic Day are different than Orientation and have different goals. While we realize that transfer students have a great deal of experience, knowledge, and an understanding of college life, there are many benefits to participating in Academic Day and other Welcome Week activities.  Events are planned to help with accessing resources here at SU, advising issues specific to your academic major, getting a jump-start on developing professional and social networks with faculty, staff, and fellow students, and  introducing a variety of other programs available to you (such as study abroad, undergraduate student research opportunities, service-learning, etc.). As you will have a limited time with which to get the most out of your time here at Ship (in some cases less than 1 to 2 years), it is especially important that you don't waste any time. Remember, when you graduate there will be many people on the job market and it will not be enough to have a strong academic profile. It will also be important that you demonstrate a range of extra-curricular experiences that roundout your academic resume and provide you an edge with the career search. Many of the programs on Academic Day will help provide you with ideas that will help you both in and out of the classroom.