Careers In Psychology

What can I do with a B.A. in psychology?


Job Category Position Median Salary
Animal Behavior Animal Trainer $26,610
      Business Public Relations Specialist $56,770
Real Estate Broker $56,8602
Training and Development Specialist $58,210
Human Resources Specialist $58,350
Compensation/Benefits and Job Analysis Specialist $60,850
Market Research Analyst $62,000
Management Analyst $81,3202
Education Admissions Representative $41,250
Education Administrators, Preschool Center $45,670
Government FBI Agent $43,441
Military Research Analyst $57,960
Lobbyist $71,690
Health/Human Services Child Care Worker $20,320
Therapeutic Support Staff $25,000-29,000
Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist $25,000-50,0002
Social/Human Service Assistant $30,830
Substance Abuse Counselor $39,980
Family Services Counselor $41,880
Health Educator/Community Health Worker $43,8402
Social/Community Service Manager $63,530
Law Correctional Officer/Bailiff $40,580
Probation Officer $49,360
Arbitrator/Mediator $58,020
Police Officer/Detective $60,270
Publishing Advertising Sales Agent $48,0002
Technical Writer $70,240
Research Data Entry Keyer $29,000
Social Science Research Asst. $42,480
Survey Research $53,920
Test Developer $60,843
Technology Quality Assurance Specialist $44,702
Database Administrator $81,710
User Experience Designer $87,883


1 Data was gathered from Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Indeed, and Glassdoor


2 Indicates possible need for certification or credentials in addition to Bachelor’s degree

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