Sociology Faculty

Dr. Philip + " " + Broyles, Chair

Dr. Philip Broyles, Chair

Grove Hall 430, 717-477-1116

Ph.D., Washington State University

Areas of interest are inequality, sports, and music. Research interests include wage inequality, music as social criticism, and inequality in sports.

Dr. Barbara + " " + Denison

Dr. Barbara Denison

Grove Hall 429, 717-477-1257

Ph.D., Northwestern University

Areas of interest are organizations, leadership, religion, and higher education. Research interests include the leadership styles of women saints; also the study of leadership education best practices.

Dr. Allison + " " + Carey

Dr. Allison Carey

Grove Hall 436, 717-477-1582

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research interests include medical sociology, health and disability; social problems; inequality; qualitative research methods; and specifically cultural beliefs and practices related to people defined as having mental retardation or intellectual disabilities.

Dr. David + " " + Monaghan

Dr. David Monaghan

Grove Hall 433, 717-477-1777

Ph.D., The Graduate Center, CUNY

Research interests include sociology of education, social stratification, quantitative methodology, and family and the welfare state.

Dr. Lawrence + " " + Eppard

Dr. Lawrence Eppard

Grove Hall 437, 717-477-1596

Ph.D., University of Florida

Areas of specialization are social stratification and inequalities, poverty and social welfare, racial inequality, culture, sociology of families and social theory.

Dr. Chad + " " + Kimmel

Dr. Chad Kimmel

Grove Hall 431, 717-477-1706

Ph.D., Western Michigan University

Research interests include the Levittown Heritage Oral History Project, Traditions of Deviance Project, Advising.

Dr. Ying + " " + Yang

Dr. Ying Yang

Grove Hall 426, 717-477-1787

Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Research interests are race and minority, immigration, wealth inequality, stratification, and quantitative research; particularly interested in studying how one's racial, ethnic, and gender identity would affect their wealth accumulation and access to other opportunities in American Society; also fascinated by the topic of culture diversity and power conflict in the American prison system.