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Welcome back!  We are glad you are back and are settling into the semester.  Here is wishing you a productive and successful 2014-2015 Academic Year!

Winter & Spring Field Courses

Get ready for the best classes you could take this academic year. Geo 450 and GEO 190: Regional Geography-Geology Field Studies in Curacao, Winter-Spring 2015! Contact Dr. Cornell or Dr. Jantz for more information, but click here to put your name on the interest sign-up list.

2014 Photo Contest: 

Download PDF of 2014 photo entries and VOTE HERE!

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Geography & Earth Science Department
104 Shearer Hall
1871 Old Main Dr.
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Phone: 717-477-1685
Fax: 717-477-4029
Email: geog@ship.edu

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Please take a moment to fill out our Alumni Survey!

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Geography-Earth Science Department
Alumni Survey

Spring 2010

The Geography-Earth Science Department at Shippensburg University updates and compiles a directory of past graduates of the department every two years. We are also very interested in your opinions of departmental courses and degree programs in order for us to assess our program. The information you provide will help us make changes that will improve our department. Thank you for taking time to complete this survey.
If possible, please complete the survey by May 1, 2012.



Permanent Address:  

Home Phone:    Work Phone:  

Email Address:  

Year of Graduation:  

Major (Check one): 



What have you been doing since your graduation from Shippensburg University? 


Do you feel that your degree from the Department of Geography-Earth Science at Shippensburg prepared you to get a job in your field of study? 


Additional Comments: 


Overall, how well did the courses taken in the department prepare you for your present job or the job you hope to attain in the near fugure? (Check one) 


Additional Comments: 


Below are two lists.  The first is a list of communication and analytical skills; these are skills the department works to develop though our classes.  Please indicate how frequently you use each skill in your position today and how helpful you think our program was in developing the skill. 


Frequency of Use 

Helpfulness-Developing Skill 



Data Collection & Research 


Problem Solving 


Analytical & Quantitative 




Geotechnology (GPS,  

Geophysics, etc.) 



The second list, below, identifies the different content areas of focus in our program. Please indicate how frequently you use the content in your position today and how helpful you think our program was in developing the content. 


Content Areas 

Frequency of Use 

Helpfulness-Developing Content 

Environmental Land
Use Planning
Geology - Soils 

How would you rate the quality of your internship or student teaching experience with regard to the following categories? 

(Please go on to the next category of you did not have an internship or student teaching experience at Shippensburg.)
Are you evaluating:


Enhance your professional growth 
Learning new skills and knowledge 
Preparation for present job 
Fairness / consideration of on-the-job supervisors 
Others (Please Comment)    

Geographic Perspective and Life-Long Learning

A major goal of our program is to assist our students in developing a geographic perspective and encourage our students to become life-long learners.  This may be the first time you have ever though about either of these ideas, but we would like you to evaluate the following:

--To what extent the Geography-Earth Science program contributed to "your ability to see and understand the world in terms of:  who, what, where, when, places and things are distributed across space; why and how they got there; evaluate the ever-changing relationship between humans and the environment; and sometimes make predictions & propose solutions to current problems." 


--To what extent the Geography-Earth Science program contributed to you developing as a life-long learner. 


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Thanks again for taking the time to complete our Alumni Survey!