Current Happenings 

9/17/15:  Prof. Kim van Alkemade will read from her debut novel, Orphan #8, at 7:00 p.m. in Old Main Chapel.

10/15/15:  Pulitzer Prize winning author Adam Johnson will read from his new collection of short stories, Fortune Smiles, at 6:30 p.m. in Old Main Chapel. 
All events are free and open to all! 

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Contact Information

Dauphin Humanities Center, 128
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA  17257
Phone: 717. 477.1495
Fax: 717.477.4020

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Faculty Searches

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Dr. Shari Horner, Department Chair
DHC 128; phone ext.: x1505 

Dr. Michael Bibby
Wright Hall 330 ;  phone ext.: x1723

Dr Laurie Cella
DHC 005 ; phone ext.:  x1204 

Dr. Matthew Cella
Horton 318 ; phone ext.: x1546  

Prof. Neil Connelly
Horton Hall 303 ; phone ext.: x1551  

Dr. Thomas Crochunis
Horton Hall 326 ; phone ext.: x1031   

Dr. Catherine Dibello
Wright Hall 228 ; phone ext.: x1190   

Dr Erica Galioto 
DHC 105; phone ext.: x1017

Dr. William Harris
DHC 009; phone ext.: x1304

Dr. Sharon Harrow
Wright Hall 325 ; phone ext.: x1183  

Dr Raymond Janifer
DHC 103; phone ext.: x1493 

Dr. Colleen Kennedy
DHC 111; phone ext.: x1254

Dr. Carla Kungl
Director,  Professional/Technical Communications Minor
DHC 007; phone ext.: x1716 

Dr. Mary Libertin
Wright Hall 225; phone ext.: x1197

Dr Shannon Mortimore-Smith
DHC 003; phone ext.: x1496

Dr. Michael Pressler
Chair, Interdisciplinary Arts
DHC 109; phone ext.: x1135

Dr Nicole Santalucia
Horton Hall 306 ; phone ext.: x1989

Dr. Kim van Alkemade
Horton Hall 305 ; phone ext.:x1506   

Dr Rich Zumkhawala-Cook
Wright Hall 233 ; phone ext.: x1275

Adjunct Faculty: Susan Livermore 
Wright Hall 226; phone ext.: x1497

Adjunct Faculty: Jonathan Dubow 

English Deptartment Compter Lab
DHC 002 ; phone ext:  x3374