Mary Libertin

Professor of English

Office: Wright 225
Phone:  477.1197
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 The University of Tulsa 

                Ph.D. in Modern Letters 1983 

                Thesis: The Play of Musement in James Joyce’s Ulysses 

                Youngstown State University 

                M.A. in English 1976 

                Youngstown State University 

                B.A. in English, Secondary Education 1972 


Research/Teaching Interests: 
critical theory, modernsim, composition, feminist studies


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     Also 32 reviews of books on composition, critical theory, and pedagogy 



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.      Presentations 


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                The Graphist's Hand in the System: Underwriting the Cognitive Process of Ulysses.” 

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Current Happenings 

February 18, 2016:  Dr. Santalucia will be reading poetry from her dynamic debut Because I Did Not Die at the Grove Spiritual Center, 6:30 p.m.   

All events are free and open to the public!