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(11/24/14) Updated GEC Grants application form.

(11/24/14) 2014-2015 committee assignments

(11/24/14) 2014-2015 membership list

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Contact Info 

Scott A. Drzyzga

Faculty Co-Chair of GEC


Phone: 717-477-1307

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GEC Committee Membership 2014-2015

The GEC co-chairs (Scott Drzyzga and Jim Mike) are ex-officio members of all GEC committees.

Standing Committees


Dudley Girard (chair), Lance Bryant (secretary),

Laurie Cella, Gerald Fowler, Karen Johnson, Han Liu, and Kathryn Shirk


Joseph Beck (chair), Ashley Seibert (secretary),

Fan Liu, Robert Lesman, and Mark Moilanen, 

Program Committee

Sherri Bergsten (chair), Allison Predecki (secretary),

Cynthia Botteron, Jen Clements, David Godshalk, Karl Lorenz, Paris Peet and Brian Wentz

Ad-hoc committees

Entry-Year Experience Committee

Kirk Moll (chair), Margaret Lucia (secretary)

Erica Galioto, William Kingsley and Carrie Sipes, with Sarah Stokely