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  • Intern: Mike Fulton
  • Placement: Fort Morris Archaeological Dig
  • Website: http://www.shippensburg history.org/

In the spring of 2009 the Shippensburg Historical Society in conjunction with Shippensburg University offered me the opportunity to work as an Intern for the upcoming excavations at Fort Morris.  This was an offer that I gladly accepted and eagerly waited for the summer to start.  The archaeologist that over-saw the excavations from day one until the finish was Dr. Steve Warfel, retired PA State archaeologist. My experience working as an intern at Fort Morris was highly valuable and enriching. Thanks to the Shippensburg Historical Society and Shippensburg University, I learned how to apply History to archeology, how to make History exciting for those who come from different areas of study, how to conduct myself in a professional setting, and most importantly the Archaeological Process.

Bulletin Board  
Cumberland County Archival Internship  
The intern will work independently and in team
collaboration supervised by the Cumberland County
Archivist and her staff in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 
This internship will include a stipend and travel
expenses up to $500.
Contact Dr. Dieterich-War
d for more information.
Archival Records Internship    
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives, through the Bipartisan Management Committee, is sponsoring an Archival Records Internship at the State Capitol in Harrisburg. The internship is an opportunity to work directly with the historical records and materials of the House of Representatives. Students will have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real work situations while exploring career options. Contact Dr. Dieterich-Ward for more information.   



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